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I need your help right now.... I'm undecided what I should watch right now. The choices are... 1. Working! 2. Yumekui Merry 3. Yuru Yuri I want to watch one of these three but ish just can't decide what I should start with, so here is am asking my all knowing nakama to help me out. The first one to answer will be the one is watch...please help me!!! Oh the pic is unrelated just wanted to give some love to my Bakuon girls! First one with 1 vote wins!
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especially as a fellow rider, oh yes
why in nurse Joy in bed with Pikachu
@BryceTerao I've never rode before, I've only been on a dirt bike once in my life and that ended up in and ditch! lol
@assasingod highly recommend you try again! best feeling in the world next to anime feels