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Ch.11 Wedding Day/Honeymoon Night Sunlee pov. "So how do I look?" "You look great! I can't believe my little sister getting married before me*cries*" "It okay oppa" I said rubbing his back "I'm gonna step out for a bit alright sunlee" "Okay" I saw sehun step out and saw daeyong step in. I could see that he was speechless. "Daeyong do I look nice?" "You look beautiful. Very beautiful" "Thanks yongie oppa" I could see that he was blushing and smiling. He said that he's gonna go check on jimin and then left. Soon after my parents came in and commented how beautiful i was and more stuff. I heard the door open and it was my Best friend Hyoin. "OMG YOUR GETTING MARRIED TODAY I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!' "Good to know your real happy" "So i have a question how did he proposed to you?" "Well" *Flashback* "Hyung are you ready?" "Yes I am" I could see that jimin was nervous. Very nervous Oh Sunlee, my dear sunlee. I love you so such from the bottom of my heart. No one can ever replaced what you gave me and what you made me feel. I spent most of my precious time with you. I want you to be the mother of my children. I don't know what will happen if you didn't come into my life. Oh Sunlee would you be honor to be my wife. At that moment I didn't know what was going on. All I can say was I was crying,and of course I said yes. *End of flashback* "So that's what happened" "Yep" "Wow wish my boyfriend can do that for me" "Are you and-" "Sadly yes I want to break up with him but Everytime I try he hurts me" Hyoin said that while rubbing her stomach. "Hyoin-ah are you" "Yes I am pregnant" I was shocked. A ton of emotion came threw me. I was happy but hurt that Hyoin boyfriend hurts her. " I'm so happy for you but is your boyfriend here." " Yeah he's waiting out there" "Oh,does he know your pregnant?" "No" "Oh" "Hey it's time"-daeyong "Oh okay we'll talk about this later okay" "Okay" I got up and helped hyoin up as well. Once I saw those door open I knew it wasn't a dream. It was the day I've been waiting for. The music came on and I was seeing my friends and family getting up. Half of them were crying while the other were just smiling. Me on the other hand was trying to hold on my tears of joy. Jimin pov. Right when the doors open I knew that sunlee...oh sunlee was gonna be my wife. I started to feel nervous and I felt like crying as she started to get near me. Daeyong pat my shoulders to let me know I'll be alright. Who knew that sunlee ex would become my bestfriend. "We are here today to celebrate this special day with Oh Sunlee and Park Jimin." At this moment I didn't hear anything all I could do was to stare at my soon the be wife sunlee. She looked really beautiful i can't imagine how my life would be if I haven't met sunlee. " Park Jimin do you take the honor of being Sunlee husband of loving her, taking care of her until your last breathe." "I Do" "Oh Sunlee do you take Park Jimin being your husband of loving,taking care of him until your last breathe." "I Do" "May you two live a long life and marriage and have beautiful children. You May Kiss The Bride!" I leaned in and kissed her. It was the day we got married. It is the 2nd best day of my life. Me and sunlee walked down the aisle and people cheered at us. Soon after we went to the our house to get are things for our honeymoon. I told daeyong to drive us to the airport and he surely agreed with me. But sunlee best friend wanted to come along as well so we let her. But for some reason me and sunlee would like to get daeyong and hyoin together. Yes I know why would she want her ex the date her best friend? Well if you see daeyong really cares for hyoin unlike her boyfriend now. Hyung are you still day dreaming? Daeyong said while waving his hand in my face. Ani! Gomawo for taking me and sunlee to the air port! NO PROBLEM HYUNG!!! Just to tell ya our honeymoon is gonna be in Thailand the tropic of Thailand. We are only staying a week because right after that we have to go to work. We finally got on the plane and our flight started taking off. Sunlee feel asleep on my shoulder. I kept looking at her and adoring her face. Wow she so pretty! I thought in my head. When I turned to the left of me there was this girl who looked real slutty. She had her shirt unbuttoned and we can see her cleavage. She also had red lipstick and a short skirt that u can see her butt hanging out. She looked back at me and licked her lips. I just looked away quickly and peck sunlee head. Sunlee pov. "Sunlee Sunlee wake up were here" "Oh Okay" "Did you have a hard day?" "Yes it was stressful but very happy" "Oh that explain a lot" So me and jimin are now going to the hotel. My parents had already paid for everything. When we got to Thailand it was already 11 a clock. So me and jimin got to our hotel and put ur stuff away. I got to the bed and just laid there. Jimin walked over to me and got on top of me. "Shall we give our parents a grandchild?" I couldn't even answer because jimin just kissed me roughly WARING          WARING        WARING                 A SMUT IS HAPPENING  Jimin licked the bottom of my lips for permission and I let him. Our tongue were connecting with each other. I pulled back for some air. Jimin picked me up and gently put me in the middle. He took off my shirt and started to kiss and suck on my neck. He got closer to my chest and sucked on my breast. He unclip my bra and started to suck the middle is my breast. Jimin soon took of his shirt and continue kissing me. He then pulled back and went lower to my area. He took off my pants and left me in my underwear. "So this is how u look like underneath your clothes." I swear he be saying the stupidest thing. Soon after we were naked. He continued to kiss me. He then slowly pushed his member in me. It hurted like crazy but he waited for me to adjust to his size. He waited for me to give him the I'm ready signed. I gave him the signed and he started moving. It was pleasure but hurtful at the same time. All you can hear was skin slapping and moans in our hotel. Soon later I was gonna go and so did he. We both came. Jimin got off of me and laid next to me. "We should do this all the time" "No I will not let you." "Well second round it is!" "YAH!" Tags @Mavis2478 @mrsax2018 @YasminChavez @TabitaRose @Leluglgc @JaxomB @MoraLesley @Zephoric @BriannaHong @KassieXiong @LittleJiminie @dchapple45 @emcoleman92 @ShinoYuki @ParkHwaYoung @RavenQueen0810 @makidabebe @NicoleFireRose @elizabeth1234 @JessicaFigueroa @aprillove196 @jyesung72 @RKA916 @KaeliShearer @ChuneySutton13 @MayraYanez @drummergirl1691 @MissMinYoongi @Kpopfangirl15 @Irngalray15 @HayleyYates