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Here I am once again, lol. Day two/three (on day three? idk, whatever)
Once again, thanks to @kpopandkimchi for this awesome idea!
For both boys, I've been a fan of Super Junior since I started loving k-pop. They were the second band I got into after falling all over myself about CNBlue. and SUJU is one of those things that I can't ever leave behind.
Siwon became my bias almost immediately. He was always the one that drew my eyes, and I always felt like he was looking at me, as an ELF. It only grew stronger as I watched him in Dramas and interviews. I almost always want to be focused on him.
I've been re-watching the SJ music videos and I honestly didn't even realize at first that my eyes had started paying attention to Leeteuk. I'm drawn to him somehow. I've been listening to Sukira and I'm so completely in love with his voice and laugh. There's something so emotionally freeing about watching Leeteuk smile fully.
So there you have it. These two. Lovely as all get out. Then, as well as now.
Yeah. This sort of counts as when they became and why they still are.
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