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hi guys ! i'm back with a bunch more lockscreens !! i'm really happy a bunch of people requested because you have no idea how much fun i had making these. i think they all look pretty cute (/∇\*)。o○♡ anyway, i hope everyone likes theirs and i have a big announcement at the end of this card !!
for : @QueenLee image : kim minsu (boys republic)
for : @PeppermintCandy image(s) : UP10TION (group), SHINEE (group)
for : @KaeliShearer image(s) : huang zitao, kim youjin + park seungjun
for : @TaehyungV image(s) : nct u (group), nct 127 (group), moon taeil, ten (both from nct)
for : @AmberRelynn image(s) : EXO (group), park chanyeol
for : @Defy24601 image(s) : kim minseok, park jimin (bts)
for : @ScarletMermaid image(s) : huang zitao, byun baekhyun
for : @SharnKaur image(s) : jeon jungkook, kim taehyung, park jimin (all from bts) i made two jungkook lockscreens because one has a pokemon and i wasn't sure if you like pokemon so i made two versions.
for : @MrsJungHoseok image(s) : xu minghao (the8 of seventeen), kim byungjoo (b-joo of topp dogg)


so i didn't realize until recently that i hit 300 lockscreens!! so many!!! anyway, i wanted to have a little celebration and i'm not entirely sure what i should do so i thought i should ask you guys !

what do you think i should do in celebration for 300 lockscreens ?

okay well thanks for liking, clipping and requesting ! let me know if you want to be taken off or added to the tag list ! before requesting, check out my rules here. if you want to see all the lockscreens i've made, check them out in my collection. don't forget to comment suggestions on what i should do for a celebration and your requests !
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I love them thank you so much!! And congrats.. 300 lockscreens?! Wow so many
Omg these are amazing!!! And 300 lockscreens? Holy cow that's awesome! Can you tag me in all of your cards please? And thank you for the lockscreens! Love them so much!
Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chen from EXO! Your lockscreens are amazing! I can't believe you hit 300!