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Day 2 of the challenge, let's go~~
So why Is Xiumin the possible UB? Well for one he is really sweet and just adorable and the guy has a lot of talent. I think it's EXO Showtime that really got me to like Xiumin. Like when they were doing the karaoke episode, that's when my life took a drastic change.
Mark, the other possible UB. In all honesty he wasn't my bias in NCT to begin with. For the first week it was Jaehyun and then I have no idea what happened and all of a sudden, somehow, Mark became my bias. But It was a nice change, not a "how the heck did you ruin my life" change. I guess you could say I opened my eyes (sorry no pun intended) Idon't know what it is about him, but there's something about him that just...ugh I can't explain it. Something that just pulls me more into the hard fangirl life and makes this decision way more hard.
It's just so hard, I need Jesus and a lot of time to know who it is for sure.
MARK. I am so scared to get into NCT because I know I'm going to have my heart wrecked
@kpopandkimchi that's me but with Seventeen, I'm scared to slip into that diamond life