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Last weekend, a teenage girl lit a Dunkin Donuts in the small town of Shamokin, PA on fire, a blaze that started in the women's restroom and, within a mere minute, the entire donut shop filled with smoke.
Needless to say, the Shamokin Dunkin Donuts is closed until further notice.
This shouldn't be funny. However, once local news channel WNEP started to report about the incident, it was clear how much of a big deal the town's only Dunkin Donuts was to the community, especially once they started pulling quotes from local residents.

Alba Wehr, for example, might have to settle for Turkey Hill donuts.

Dutch Smith is going to need to find a new place to grab a Powerade and legal advice.

Edna Faust is just going to miss the cold coffee. Or is it iced coffee. Frozen coffee?

Anyway, you have to look at this incidentally hilarious news clip, and then let me know:

If an arsonist somehow burned it down, what local hangout would your town freak out over?

(In Southern California, for example, if you burn down our local taco shop, you steal a tiny piece of our soul.)