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S.H.E. will be dropping the teaser tomorrow 8/11 at 9PM! I've been listening to their older album for the entire day and I'm pumped. I also found a very touching video of Selena giving a speech about the struggle of living with a scar and failed marriage. Even though it's in mandarin I want to share it here with all you along with some light translations. It made my eyes teary!

The Story:

A couple years ago, during a film production Selena got a 3rd degree burn from an explosion during a fire scene. She was able to survive but her face and body were severely burned. All this happened when she was in the midst of planning for her marriage. The couple eventually got married but last year they filed for divorced. It was a difficult time for Selena and she had many insecurities. Despite, all the unfortunate events in her life she was thankful to have Hebe & Ella by her side. They went through the therapy session and encouraged her when she had the biggest heartbreak in her life.
In conclusion, Selena said she'll never know if there will be a man who will love her past scars like herself. But, she will look on the brighter side to live each day diligently.
This reunion is actually a very emotional and meaningful moment for SHE. The girls has gone through so much together to only become more mature and beautiful.

Featured Song: Warm Heart (心還是熱的)

What I love about this group is their consistency and their positive vibe! Not many groups stays together for 15 years!
Dang, that's dedication to stay together for 15 long years!
It's a really pretty song ❤
Yeah you're right! Not many groups stay together for more than 15 years. They must really be great friends, almost like sisters. That's sad!!! I do hope she finds a guy who truly loves her in the future.
@biancadanica98 Yes! This is why they're my favorite group (ever since 2001)!