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Ayo here we are again. Back with Day 2 of the fabulous Ultimate Bias Challenge. Created by the one and only @kpopandkimchi!
The magic question. A.K.A. How did this all spiral out of control?

Huang ZiTao.

The Usurper. The one who stole my heart. How did it come to this?
One night many moons ago, I was lying in bed, trolling through YouTube when this video appeared next on the suggested videos. T.A.O. Too tired to skip it, I let the video play. I knocked out right afterwards, but there must have been some subliminal crack in that video. That night he invaded my dreams and the song continues to rattle around my subconscious.
I honestly don't know how it all went downhill. Watching EXO Showtime, I couldn't help but notice his shy smiles, soft voice, and how he lived in his own world.
His cuteness and fiery sass could not be ignored.
Then he does stuff like this...
And this...
Honestly, it's not his looks I'm drawn to (Okay, yes, he is ridiculously incredibly good looking) but it's his personality, his defiance, his sweet heart. Zitao is unashamedly himself and that's so rare nowadays. He says what's on his mind, he's honest. He refuses to stay down and he's fighting for his dreams. Writes his own lyrics, he's so talented. Let's not forget, his mad rapping. As cheesy as it sounds, he does inspire me.
UGH why is he so UGH?? I'll shut up now. I could go on and on about this man. This card is long enough, too long really.
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@kpopandkimchi lmao it's true! He's the only idol I've ever had a dream about. Long story short we were both lost in Brasil, looking for the mall 😂