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Short Story: Mark wanted to marry me, but I wasn't so sure about it, because I wasn't sure who I wanted to be my husband, but then I found out Mark made me the happiest, so I said yes! Long Story: Mark Tuan became my bias when I pretty much first started GOT7. He was the first one to catch my eyes. With his cute ramen hair... XD Later on, I was trying to find a bias. BamBam was so cute, and I was thinking it could be him, and then Jackson was just popping up and Junior. Jaebum and Youngjae were just like ugh....And Yugyeom....At fist I thought he was at least older than Youngjae! But no he's the maknae. But then, when I got more into GOT7, I knew Mark was the one for me. So he became my bias in GOT7, and I started getting into a lot more Kpop groups, (And I thought for a while Ravi from VIXX was my bias or even Junior from NU'Est, since I knew those groups before GOT7), but none of my other biases did it for me like Mark did, so later when I was really sure about this, I said yes to Mark's proposal (XD) and now he's my husband!
Because Mark is the greatest man alive and I love him so much, and he's my husband. He's cute, sexy, hot, fine, beautiful, and every other amazing comment in the word, because Mark Tuan is the best man alive!! And the love of my life!! And just look at that face...
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ramen hair <3333333333
@kpopandkimchi Right.... 馃槀馃槀
Mark is my bias wrecker from GOT7. Well at least one of them 馃槀
My friend introduced me to kpop a few months ago and i fell in bias love
@xxwriter389xx that can happen fast. You never know, it just hits you