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READ for info at the end.
I wanted to start so jolly and full of life to make up for inactivity so I started this post and I am super into it and pumped up and just as I was about to post it my power goes out so I am just sad I have to write this again.
If you want to know why I have been so inactive and a bunch of other crap please stick until the very end. I am sure you guys don't care but let's pretend you do T^T
As you may have noticed...this is part 3 because I was doing an Anime Challenge 700 years ago so its awkward to post it under that challenge but here are posts one/two. I will also attempt to follow the same format as the other two posts.


Due to a deep trauma at school Sakurada Jun has refused to return. He spends his time in his room, surfing the web and ordering anything that takes his fancy, only to return the items just before payment is due. One day, he finds a web site that tells him to put his order in a drawer of his desk. He does so thinking it to be a joke, only to find that the letter disappears and a strange package arrives soon afterwards. It contains an exquisite doll, that, when wound, comes to life. She treats him as a servant of little worth, but over time helps him come to grips with his fears and in the life-or-death fights that soon follow her arrival. [source]
Guess the anime? It's Rozen Maiden

Alternative by Annabel

So I actually haven't heard any songs from Annabel before so I can't tell you much about how I feel about her music, but I do like her voice a lot. It's kind of hard to find music this soft and nice that I actually like so this is one of those slip ups.
Enjoy my favorite excerpts from the lyrics:
"If I cannot step into that heart
share out the chosen pain to me
who is so pure I am cruel
I only want to know you"
"With the hands that connect the cracked memories
the world of thorns
Until I can make the trapped clock hand move forward
I still won’t close these eyes
We are toyed with by the form of aimless happiness
Even so, what is it that you wish for?"

Enjoy the PV

Have you watched Rozen Maiden? Did you like it?

So what's been going with me lol So I have been so inactive like sorry not sorry I am just super lazy and I deleted the Vingle app because Pokemon Go is ending my life.
So I had family from Germany come over for an entire week and it was so stressful going everywhere and driving for extended periods of time sucks. I was also doing summer semester which so happens to be so much tougher than fall or spring semester and then I finished and immediately my family came over sooooooo.
I am probably going to keep going for the rest of the night writing a couple more of these because I am using my forsaken laptop and even though its like two in the morning I have like zero need for sleep because I am dead inside and out.
By the way I organized my wall and now its SO FULL and my manga collection and my DVD collection just suddenly grew out of the goddamn nowhere and I have been crying ever since I pre-ordered the official Kuroko no Basuke volume back in July and when I got it last week I screamed for an hour.
I have also been meaning to make new posts for the Manga and Finished Manga lists because if any of you have seen those lists...they are HUGE (be cool and click the links and comment/message if you read any of them I would love to interact).

Let me know if you would like to see my wall and updated lists.