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I know summer's almost over, but its really, really hot out there these days!!! Whether or not you're cosplaying at a convention, it can be really dangerous to stay in the heat too much if you aren't careful!!!

So here's a few tips on how to stay well :P

These can be used for anime conventions, or for any other time you'll be spending time outside!

Find some shade, yo!

Being in the sun will just make you hotter. While you can still get sick or overheated in the shade, staying in the shade will definitely keep you cooler for longer.

Bring a fan!

Alternatively, hire some cute waifus or husbandos to fan you so you can stay cool :) Just use a small fan to keep the air around you circulating, and you're sure to feel much better!

Drink WATER!

I know water isn't the most popular drink choice at cons, but it's the drink you need most! If you feel dehydrated at all, start making sure you drink every 15 minutes. Drink before getting to that point, though!!!!! Trust me, going to the hospital for this is NOT fun & is really pricey~

Super tired? Skip the Red Bull!

While you'll get a burst of energy from coffee or energy drinks, you'll dehydrate yourself. If you can manage to drink them & hydrate with enough water, that's on you, but for most people who don't drink these things often enough to know how they affect their body, a con isn't the time to start drinking them!
If you don't like water that much, try getting a sports drink instead - this won't dehydrate you, and it'll taste good!

If you are cosplaying...

Be smart about what you choose to wear at a summer convention!!! Don't pull out the 12 layered winter clothes for the hottest con of summer, okay? And if you do, make sure you're in AC at all times & have lots of vents in your costume! Even inside, you could easily overheat.
Likewise, don't wear a bikini to a winter con XD

Take naps!

The heat and sun are going to wear you out. Take naps to feel better & to check how your body is handling the heat. When you come in, you might notice you're not feeling well & can take the time to feel better before heading back out.

Watch out for heat illness!!

Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion: dizziness, headaches, nausea, muscle cramps, or stomach aches. I actually got this recently, and it's not fun! If you start to get a headache and feel like you have a dry mouth or anything like that, make sure to move to a cool, shady area, and drink a lot of water for the next hour while relaxing.
If you don't, you could end up vomiting, shaking, etc, and you'll find yourself footing an ambulance bill (like me....) so try to keep an eye on you & your friends!

Stay safe this summer guys!!!

In here summer is already gone T_T
you had to remind us that summer is almost over 馃槩
lol i was Hidan at the con i went to so i had a long black robe but i was shirtless so that helped xD
only 9 days left till nyc anime con i cant wait
Well since I take full semester college classes and summer classes I don't get breaks. Only a week break between each semester 馃槀馃槀