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A Sailor Moon Fanart I drew today. Hope you like it <3
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Really beautiful, love the colors!
Very nice, I always loved Sailor Moon ♥
wonderful card. i love it :3 Serenity looks a bit sad though the card is still beautiful. especially the effort your've made with the background. It feels cold yet beautiful <3
I like the glowing castle in the background very much! And it ist also fits perfectly that the outline of serenity is black and strong and the outline of the background-castle is grey and a bit foggy. A nice contrast. The colours are beautiful, too. Well done <3
hatte ich nicht schon was geschrieben? ...war dann wahrscheinlich schon auf FB ^^° wie gesagt sie einfach obergöttlichtraumhaftherzallerliebstwunderschön *__* und ich liebe weiße (die blau leuchten) Paläste im HG ♥