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^ lol.
SO! The idea for this card came about when @PASCUASIO commented on one of my cards saying I sank his ship (Rem/Subaru) because that's not my favorite ship! Rem might be amazing & one of my favorite girls, but I don't think a relationship between her and Subaru would be healthy or realistic.

And so this post was born!

Which Re:Zero girl is best for Subaru?

Not simply best girl, but best for SUBARU!

Vote in the comments & EXPLAIN WHY! I'm obviously fine with people shipping him and Rem, I just don't personally :P

There's Rem.










My pick is Emilia!

Why? Because I know that's who Subaru has true, romantic feelings for. And I think she might be able to return them for him, equally, but not by loving him as he is. He'll have to work & grow for it, and I think that's the kind of relationship he needs!
I discussed this somewhere before and I honestly think Rem would be best. Other than Emilia, the other girls have too much on their hands to be supportive of Subaru. The thing is that the more the series progresses you see that it's not really love that Subaru has with Emilia, it's more of an enfatuation, or actually an unhealthy obsession that comes from this messiah complex that he got, trying to hard to safe her that he ends up doing it for his sake rather than hers and it becomes apparent in the show. Especially in his eyes you see the desperation of trying to get it right. But on the issue I think Rem has so far been the most supportive of him, even tho she has the biggest reason to hate him because of the connection he has with the Jealous Witch. But she understands it's beyond his control and understand he can't physically explain it. That being said Emilia doesn't really understand and because of that she pushes Subaru away, she can't deal with it like Rem can. I think that's why so many people ship Rem and Subaru. It's really because of her that he starts thinking more clear headed, she grounds him. Now I usually ship the main hero and heroine together but this is one Anime I make an exception for.
I pick Rem, but the anime is picking Emilia 馃槯馃様馃槩馃槶
I love Rem. I honestly think they would be great together! She sees him for who he truly is and accepts him unconditionally. Emilia on the other hand is cautious of him, but I think it's because she's developing feelings for him as well! So it's a tough choice! I would love him to be with Rem for her sake, but the heart wants what it wants, and I believe Emilia could love him just as much as Rem! Even if he's not with Rem, I'm sure she'll be okay! She loves him enough to accept his feelings for Emilia and I know she'll always be there for him! I'm sure he'd rather have Rem in his life than not at all so a relationship between them could pull them apart and I'm sure no one wants that!
Now I like Emilia, more than Rem, and even though she may be cautious of Subaru, pushes him away due to developing feelings, or even seems to suit him better than the rest.. Rem is my choice, I didn't like that decision at first, but I took the time to see the feelings, moments, and outcomes to reach that decision, and ultimately accept it. Rem, deserves Subaru! Emilia: -1 Rem: +1
Rem all the way
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