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Who's your Exo-K bias and why? Whos your bias wrecker? Bias: Chanyeol - Everything he does puts a smile on my face, he is the male version of my best friend, he's absolutely gorgeous, his voice gives me goosebumps and he's so freaking talented Bias Wrecker: Ummm if i had to choose (all of them wreck me) I'd say Baekhyunnie or Kai, or Suho Oppa ... Aahhhh i cant choose
chanyeol is my bias. ofc lololol
I cant would be Suho, Sehun, OR beagle Baekhyun
Its is Kai then Suho. and Chanyeol is a bias wrecker for me and the sister.
Yixing is my bias but sunshine jongdae, monkey Chanyeol and kitten Baekhyun wreck my life. Kyungsoo is trying so hard to destroy them all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚