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This might be old new to everyone, but I don't really keep up with scandals so I never saw what happened to Bom.

Recap of the scandal: Bom was found with drugs that were illegal in Korea, resulting in huuuuuge outcry from fans, the press, and the general Korean public. She said they were for depression, but without proof no one believed her.

Here's what was uncovered:

Bom was actually living in the US for a long time before she debuted, where she was an avid soccer player.
Netizens found proof of this via articles written about her (her English name was Jenny Park) attending the school that she's pretty well known for attending. The articles proved she was on the soccer team all throughout high school.
It was then discovered that while Bom was on the team (possibly on the field with her teammate...) a close friend and teammate of hers collapsed on the field and died of an aneurysm.

This matches the story released by YG exactly.

YG further explains that Bom was, understandably, traumatized by witnessing the sudden death of her friend that she was prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Some ingredients in these pills are LEGAL in the US but ILLEGAL in Korea.
When she received a package of these pills from a relative in America, she didn't even consider that a pill she's been taking her whole life could possibly be illegal.

I personally didn't know that Bom played soccer and I certainly didn't know about the tragedy of her friend.

I hope that all of this clears over and Bom (and all of us) can move on.

Bom has had such a hard life. =(
SHE NEEDS A HUG, mostly if I was kinda shocked but angered not at bom but this one girl from a girl group made a Diss track about her and park didn't have anything to do with it at the time during the scandal since it was the same year she lost her aunt
This scandal happened during her time on Roommates that's why she kind of slowly disappeared from the show without real acknowledgement. Netizens* and antifans really bashed her about and she left the show. can you image needing your anxiety and depression medication, not being able to get it cuz it's "illegal" being judged on TV and viciously talked about and scrutinized all at the same time. I can see Bom not ever coming back because of all the pressure and feeling so helpless. I fell in love with her watching Roommates, that's where I got to know her and this whole situation is so not fair to her.
I knew about soccer because I watched Roommates for a while. But thanks for updating us on the other stuff. It's crazy what we accept as true and have no idea about.
This makes so much more sense
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