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Yeah I hope u like it x3 The chain in my first card is so creepy xD I think I need glasses xD Dunno what I thougt as I draw that xD yeah the queen is too childish :( I wanted to draw a creepy adult lady but it not works xD The doodles were better I think. But I like it. Do u like computer paintings? And want to see something by me?
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@lovemilkis xDDD yeah u are right xDD Now I can see it too xD that champion is too op T___T
@PiuPiuPenguin thx <333 Its so cute, that u have ever nice Words for me <33
@Lubov Of course!!! I would love to see a lot of your cards? drawings? If that is okay >.< ~~
@alex9094 xDD thx than I will upload more <3
Its Mine muahahhahahja <3 just love it <3