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Prepare for mega tears and tissues yet again, because another heartthrob is soon going to leave us. Kim Bum is ready to serve in the army. Say what?! Already?! At a recent press conference for the heartthrob’s most recent drama series Goddess of Fire: Jeonji, the actor was inquired about his plans for future enlistment in the army. There’s not a lot of time left… It’s already in my plans. Although it has not been established when he will enlist or what unit he will serve in, it’s just so sad thinking that another one of our beloved K-stars will be leaving us for two years. I’m going to go somewhere that will surprise everyone when they hear about it. He’ll be able to pull through since basic training should be a piece of cake for him. The actor is said to be quite disciplined and can make commitments. An example of this was when he took up the role for the drama Padam Padam as the angel Lee Gook Soo, for which he received much serious acclaim. Kim Bum talked about the days where he had to lose weight and manage his time strictly for his role in the drama series. I worked out seven days a week. I worked out in the morning, came home, ate, slept, woke up during the evening and ran on a treadmill or jump-roped, came home and studied my script. My diet consisted of a banana, half a sweet potato and a cup of Caffé Americano. I didn’t even drink water. Wow! Talk about commitment! Although the actor is 24 and can wait a bit longer before serving, he would rather get it done with. Many actors tend to put off serving until they have reached an older age, but that is when their careers are well established. Right now though, it seems that Kim Bum can afford to leave for two years seeing as his career is pretty solid. Besides, in two years, he will still have fans waiting and supporting him as always. Kim Bum rose to fame after playing the role of So Yi Jung in Boys Over Flowers, and after, took on many exciting roles such as the older woman wooing rock star in The Woman That Still Wants to Marry, and Park Jin Sung in the hit drama series That Winter The Wind Blows. In his current drama, Goddess of Fire: Jeonji, Kim Bum plays as Kim Tae Do, the protector of Moon Geun Young. Kim Bum has promised to keep fans updated about his enlistment plans and dates. SOURCE: HiKpop
@hebamaher thank you so much. i really appreciate it.
@stephiikins you welcome anytime :D i will ry to keep u updated :D
@hebamaher that's very interesting. i didn't know any of those facts. thank you
@mariapaunescu33 he still didnt say the time he is going to the army i think he will complete his role he is younger than LMH but LMH has no brothers but kim has and also in korea they go to army between the age of 18 to 30 i guess
how come ? he's younger than LMH !
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