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I'm a day behind so you guys get double Jjong today! XD

To be honest, I didn't really pay much attention to Jonghyun when I first got into kpop. I wasn't into very many groups at the time, but that started to grow over time. I listened to SHINee a lot along with f(x), Girls Generation, and Super Junior ( Most of my first groups were from SM). I checked out Taemin's solo debut and I loved it. I liked the other members of SHINee, but I knew the least about Jonghyun.
Then when I heard that he would be making a solo debut, I freaked. I was so excited to hear his music. When the MV for 'Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)' came out, I was so amazed. I brought his whole solo album and I listened to the album non-stop. I fell in love with his voice and his songs. After that, I started looking up funny SHINee moments and I fell in love with Jonghyun. I saw how dorky and adorable he was and I couldn't stop smiling every time I saw him. I feel in love with his personality and how cute he was. I loved that he's not trying to be an 'innocent' idol and how he is always himself. I just love him so much.
*videos are not mine. Credit to owners*
What I really like about Jonghyun is his passion. He always has so much passion and meaning to what he does. He is my inspiration in life to keep trying and to never give up. and to always do my best and put everything I can into that one thing I'm doing.
I also like that his music can calm me down. When I'm feeling down, I turn on his song 'Elevator' and it makes feel like I'm not alone. His voice is so soothing and it feels like he's in the room with me. He's songs let me step back and breathe and think. For some reason, his songs and his voice always calm me down and make me feel better when all I want to do is cry and hide from the world. It's like his music is a healing potion (if that makes sense XD)
I also like how he keeps his personality no matter where he goes. He's always the same Jonghyun. Doesn't matter what show he's on, or what show he's performing at, he still acts the same. He doesn't try to cover or hide anything about his personality.
He is also really caring. he loves his fans and will do anything for them. I remember reading an article about a Korean girl who meet Jonghyun and told her not to write out her name because she thought it was ugly. But he wrote her a note telling her that her name was beautiful, that it was just other people who where ugly about thinking that. He has such a kind heart and I love that about him.
So, why is he still by UB? Because he helps me through tough times, makes me laugh when all I want to do is cry, because he is so kind and thoughtful, and because he is a major dork and is not afraid to show it.
(God I feel like I've just written an essay. Sorry about that)
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