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What's up, John here!!

BlackPink has finally debuted with 2 awesome MVs. I know this is kind of late but I had to post about it. The first MV was 'Boombayah', an upbeat and vibrant dance song that is heavily influenced by EDM beats. The second MV is called 'Whistle' which is a slower song than the first. It a simple song with different beats and melodies changing throughout the song. Credit to article here
*So before I start I just want to let you guys know that this is my opinion so please don't argue in the comments*


My opinion: So honestly, this song is not my favorite of the two. I really like the beat and the vocals, rapping was great. What made me dislike a little was the random Indian sound that they kept repeating in the song. To me it was unnecessary and just uncalled for. That was the only thing that made me 'ehhhh' to the song. Besides that it was a great dance song.

Overall I Give It:

9 out of 10


I absolutely fell in love with this song as soon as I heard the beat. I love the whistling that heard throughout the song. I love the different beat changes as well, which is so YG. I like the chill and smooth vibe it gave and the rapping was so great. I wish it had a more complex beat but it was still good.

Overall I Give It: 9 out of 10

Congrats to BlackPink for this strong debut. I can't wait to hear more from them!! My biases in the group are definitely Jennie and Rosé. Who Are Your Biases? What Are Your Thoughts On The Song?

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I love love love their songs and my biases are rose, Jennie, and Jisoo they are totally bomb favorite song is boombaya
@MelissaGarza same here it's not hard for me to get into girl groups but not many interest me but blackpink straight off the back caught my attention
@BiasKpop I was totally surprised by them. Its really hard for me to get into girl groups. I personally don't care for them but Blackpink really impressed me. ☺
I was trying so hard not get involved with Blackpink but their debut just blow that apart. I love their songs. Rose is the bomb!