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(Sorry I've been really focused on this series to update any of the others) Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content
August 10th Myself and Jimin have been much better but I keep feeling like we are more friendly with each other than we should be. You know, considering that we are dating. I shrug it off a lot though. Today, I was at the studio perfecting the choreography for Legit. There's a lot of it. I've also been given the first few show dates and I haven't got much time left. It freaks me out, these last few days. Even though I'm still working hard, it's only going to get worse. ~From Chim: Hey Macky, once you're done in the studio, I'll pick you up, you should come chill at our dorm~ ~To Chim: sure no problem, can't wait ChimChim xxx~ Let's just say that by the time he got to me, I looked like I was going to collapse. We'd run the dance over 20 times and I'm sure that I was drinking and sweating more than normal.
Luckily, Jimin helped me to the car by carrying my bag and holding onto my arm to keep me balanced. "Seriously, you shouldn't work yourself that hard" "Not - my - fault" I slowly breathed. He knew what it was like, after all, he is a dancer himself. We got to the BTS dorm and it was quieter than normal. Yoongi and Namjoon were apparently out at their studio, Hoseok was out dancing and so the others were left to do whatever. The oldest and the maknae line. Jin welcomed me and quickly got me a can of non-alcoholic Red Bull in order to give me some more energy. "Must've been a long session" Jin was always concerned over me, whether we were dating or not.
I could hear Tae and Jungkook playing a game from the other room. These boys and their games. "I thought you had no ammo left!" "Well I lied didn't I." "You just wanted to get the machine gun, didn't you?" "Why not? I had the money!" Sounded like GTA from what I could hear and from what I knew Jungkook was good at GTA. Jimin led me into the same room they were in and we sat down laughing at their bad co-operation. "If you're gonna drive hyung, then drive properly" "Pabo, you're the one who can't drive yet" "That's in real life, this is a video game!" It was funny, really. Then once they had got into the army base and were completely shot down, me and Jimin joined the game.
I'd seen other people play the game but wasn't overly confident. Yet, I got the hang of it. Soon I stole a jet and managed to use some missiles to take out Jungkook, twice. "You just wait Mack, when I get my own jet, I'll..." "You'll what?" I teased. "You'll do nothing" Jimin answered for him, "or I'll come at you with the tank I just got Jungkookie" "Yah, hyung!" He whined. Seemingly, Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok returned in their own time to the dorm. Except, they were all quite tired. "Go to bed guys!" Namjoon ordered. "What?!?" We all whined, as the youngest ones, we could all stay up much longer playing GTA but no, not according to their leader.
It was weird it was. I remember going to sleep next to Jimin, in his room, but I woke up at 3am next to Jungkook. Now you tell me the logic of that. He was like me, half asleep but fully aware of the situation. "Er.... Hey Y/N!" He murmured awkwardly. I don't blame him to be honest, neither of us knew how this happened. "Hi. Erm, one question... How?" "How what?" "You know what! How did I get here?" "I dunno, maybe you walked in here while you were sleeping" "I didn't know I could sleep walk" "Well obviously you can" Then there was a small silence. He broke it, "are you gonna stay then or?" "I dunno." Was all I could say.
I didn't really know. It was so comfy here but I should probably head back to Jimin's room. My body had other things on its mind. So, I stayed. We were just staring at each other for a while, not really knowing what to do. That was until I saw his eyes flutter briefly down to my waist. His arm then wrapped itself around my stomach and slowly dragged me closer to him. My body shortly followed and I rested my head by his. "Isn't this a bit weird?" I asked. "Weird but nice." He replied. "Weird for friends to do" "Not really." "I guess" I almost fell asleep in that position but I had to remember that it wouldn't look good if Jimin found us like this. "I have to get back, Jimin'll worry" There was no response, he'd fallen back asleep so i just snuck out instead.
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She'll end up with Jungkook when all is said and done.