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I know a lot of people have seen or heard about this YouTuber and seen or heard some of the things said about him. Here's my opinion: "I think this crap is ridiculous. I can't sit back and watch this go on. Too many people are making videos to talk bad about the guy and in my opinion that only makes things worse. We as people in YouTube Anime community are must stick together regardless of who or what. I'm even more offended by some saying he's " Cancer" to the community. He's not the we are. For as long as I've loved Anime I've seen it get horrible review everywhere about every little aspect. We are not helping by bashing on one person who just shows his love for it differently. Regardless of what one person does it doesn't help us as a whole to spend our time complaining about this but instead we should embrace individuality and stand together instead of separate." Sorry about the long speech but I just had to say something. What do you all think about this?
@SantaraJones @Mcboss clickbait and bullshit. Mostly the Naruto variety. He is like a legitimate weaboo, it's kinda sad.
@BrandonHenderso You are saying this about someone who is actively poisoning the anime community. I'm not trying to use unnecessary slurs (cunt fagott etc...), though I do feel weaboo is a simple and accurate explanation, but at the same time, this is a man who is intentionally spreading misinformation simply for the cash revenue of YouTube views. When someone intentionally lies and continues to do so after people have tried to reach out to him, simply for views, I find it hard to say this person loves anime. He's abusing it. This isn't blind rage. This is indignation. There is a difference. I am not angry because he's whatever race or has whatever opinion or political inclination, that would be hate. I am angry because he is deliberately misusing his power as an anime YouTuber and shows no sign of remorse or intent to stop. People have tried to help him, but he has refused. I know we are a niche community and we are expanding, but part of that is cutting the fat. I don't wish any hate on him (personal opinions aside) but I do not respect him as a Youtuber, a reviewer or so called anime fan. He's made a mockery of things we love for financial gain.
@AdamDean he is a weaboo and a fucking cunt and I don't hate many people
This guy and Forneverworld just make Bullshit clickbait and spread lies. I get coming together at one, but we need to get rid of the trash, or anime fans will never be seen as a legitimate communtiy. Anime isn't taken seriously as is, but people like this are only making it worse.
@CandyApple22 he talks about anime mainly about naruto
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