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School Uniform doesn't stop kpop ūüėā
Exo-l always find away to promote exo. Our imagination shall not be limited! would any of you wear this to school? Search amazon: Exo polo ‚ėÜ~ Tagging the vingle fam ~ ‚ėÜ @GDsGF @BBxGD @Tigerlily84 @chelseaJay¬† @nnatalieg¬† @SusiBosshammer¬† @Meeshell¬† @shantalcamara @xoxoaudra98¬† @RaquelArredondo @asdfghjimin¬† @JessicaChaney¬† @Taijiotter¬† @VIPforever123¬† @beckiboop1996¬† @GauhuaYang¬† @PrettieeEmm¬† @kpopandkimchi¬† @CleoHoney¬† @SusiBosshammer¬† @CreeTheOtaku¬† @PassTheSuga¬† @DenieceSuit¬† @rcuero¬† @AlyssaGelet818¬† @Ng98¬† @yukala9065¬† @solodaywithB1A4¬† @MaggieHolm¬† @jgallegos222¬† @TLeahEdwards¬† @btsgotshinee¬† @Atomshair¬† @KpopGaby @catchyacrayon @CuteBabyLay @KDluvR1999 @TracyLynnn @JennyKool @biancadanica98¬† @gabbycalzada¬† @Kieuseru @mymi @lilianaZeferino @lilbr0wneyes
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MY SCHOOL CANT STOP ME NOW! my bts jacket is still in the office ūüėĘ
a year ago·Reply
@Namjoonsbutt oh man, your never getting that jacket back. welp now you can have a shirt.
a year ago·Reply
@SabrinaSakura not until I graduate because I put up a pretty good fight, and tru
a year ago·Reply
@Namjoonsbutt when you graduate it will be like a new surprise because you don't know if they give it back or not. they will "lose it" or "already gave it back" like they always say.
a year ago·Reply
Change the EXO logo to a general Kpop one and we got a deal. War a letterman jacket with either the big(ger) companies on it, or pins of my favorite groups logo. lol
a year ago·Reply