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Exo-l always find away to promote exo. Our imagination shall not be limited! would any of you wear this to school? Search amazon: Exo polo ‚ėÜ~ Tagging the vingle fam ~ ‚ėÜ @GDsGF @BBxGD @Tigerlily84 @chelseaJay¬† @nnatalieg¬† @SusiBosshammer¬† @Meeshell¬† @shantalcamara @xoxoaudra98¬† @RaquelArredondo @asdfghjimin¬† @JessicaChaney¬† @Taijiotter¬† @VIPforever123¬† @beckiboop1996¬† @GauhuaYang¬† @PrettieeEmm¬† @kpopandkimchi¬† @CleoHoney¬† @SusiBosshammer¬† @CreeTheOtaku¬† @PassTheSuga¬† @DenieceSuit¬† @rcuero¬† @AlyssaGelet818¬† @Ng98¬† @yukala9065¬† @solodaywithB1A4¬† @MaggieHolm¬† @jgallegos222¬† @TLeahEdwards¬† @btsgotshinee¬† @Atomshair¬† @KpopGaby @catchyacrayon @CuteBabyLay @KDluvR1999 @TracyLynnn @JennyKool @biancadanica98¬† @gabbycalzada¬† @Kieuseru @mymi @lilianaZeferino @lilbr0wneyes
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MY SCHOOL CANT STOP ME NOW! my bts jacket is still in the office ūüėĘ
@Namjoonsbutt oh man, your never getting that jacket back. welp now you can have a shirt.
@SabrinaSakura not until I graduate because I put up a pretty good fight, and tru
@Namjoonsbutt when you graduate it will be like a new surprise because you don't know if they give it back or not. they will "lose it" or "already gave it back" like they always say.
Change the EXO logo to a general Kpop one and we got a deal. War a letterman jacket with either the big(ger) companies on it, or pins of my favorite groups logo. lol