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giving his best on his last stop on his concert! Look how adorable he was. :") And I knew from the start, this global tour would be really successful! Congratulations to all Starhaus, promoters, staffs, directors, crew, sponsors and to all people involved in this event, and most especially to LEE MIN HO!!!! Job well done! ^^ Daebak!
It's really fast!.. I can't believe the tour is done..
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i feel sad now that tour is over. i will miss seeing new photos and videos of oppa. now we have to wait for Heirs.
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@minozphil you're right.. good thing there's Heirs! and I'm pretty sure there are tons of big things still coming for oppa and for us minoz of course ^^
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it was great tour for oppa. i hope he does it again next year.
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