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OMFG he's gone blonde I repeat HE'S GONE BLONDE!!!! I am loving the new color but what I'm more excited about is that in our beautiful world of Kpop, sudden color change normally leads to a group's comeback. Are they still hinting at Mini Mini sub unit or is this wishful thinking on my part??!! Either way he is rocking the new look and we can atleast still expect Yoongi's mixtape this month (hopefully?!) Please let me know your thoughts and I'm sorry I haven't been as active or on here as much as I used to!!! I've been crazy busy!! Love you guys!! I also apologize for I am Yoonmin trash and nothing would make me happier than to see them release something. It would literally make my life.
Omg i was think the same thing. I really do hope it a subunit!!!
If my bias yoonmin comes out with something together I may not survive
please let it be I would be sooooo happy if this happened!!! And Chimchim trying to kill me with his blond hair 馃槺
@3SecondsOfHope my personal favorite was orange, but I agree, Jiminie can do no wrong!!!
Honestly red will always be my favorite on him, but he looks good no matter what
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