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Why is Kim Seokjin my still Ultimate Bias?

Well you see, when I first discovered their group... I wasn't in the right mentality. I lived in a world of fear, and often pushed people away. I didn't get close to anyone, I didn't even want to meet new people because I had a fear that they would change and just leave me behind. I didn't want that. (I'm going to get back to this in the next two blocks!^^)
Now, when I discovered them, not only did I fall in love with them, but also with their dancing. Dancing was once a huge part of my life while growing up, but because of an accident and the loss of someone, I completely gave up that side of me. I was watching their dance practice videos, & one of them caught my eye. (I didn't know their names at the time.) He seemed to be struggling a little, but he kept up with the rest of the boys. Then when I looked at the comments of the video, someone said, 'Jin can't dance very well but he tries so hard! Oppa saranghaeyo!' I re-watched the video and noticed that it was the same guy from before, the one I fell in love with. Long story short, I rediscovered my love for dancing thanks to Jin.
The continuation from the first block.}} After learning their names, I was still going through things. However, this time, things were looking up. I was watching their moments, their bangtan bombs, photo shoots, behind the scenes, everything. Why? All to just see their (bangtan) smiles. I wanted to learn more about them, even if I didn't understand what they were talking about. He stood out to me, because even though he is underappreciated, he is still very loving to his fans and his members. He has matured and gotten better throughout the years, but he has shown to still be the same Seokjin I fell in love with 2 or 3 years ago.

A few months ago, I asked myself, "Why do you love this man?"

Maybe it's his smile...

Maybe it's his love for cute little things...

Maybe it's his voice...

Probably his face...

Either way, I fell in love with him, because someone like him is all I've ever wanted. ♡

I feel like I strayed a few times, but here are my answers. (: