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Hi everyone! so I am on vacation right now! so happy to be down in Florida for the rest of the week! I had a little bit of time on my hands while sitting out and relaxing and decided I needed to update my story (plus write in another after a long time of no inspiration) so it also seemed fitting since I couldn't post a part on the release date of their album,no sad about that BUT LOVE THE NEW SONG That's my jam! it makes me think Yey they get to relax and goof around! love seeing that side of them! oh how I ramble okay I'll be done! oh and I finally made a cover for story! so happy eek
I watched them practice and goof off with each other for the next couple hours before they finished. At some point I had given up and pulled out my book to read the last couple chapters. Since than they would do this crazy dance that looked like what I did when she got over excited about something in my book. “Lena” Someone called her and I looked up from my book after finishing the last sentence of the book. Oh such good timing. “What?” I asked looking between everyone. “You want to go grab some food?” Himchan asked drawing closer to me. “Good timing, literly just finished my book” I smiled. “Food sounds good.” I said getting up and stretching my back out. “Black Noodles” Youngjae called ou. “Black noodles?” That peaked Daehuyn’s attention. “Think its going to be that. Have you had them before?” Himchan asked me. “No. well I don’t think so” I said out loud what I was thinking in my head. So we went out to get food, neither of them had realized how late it had gotten, it was after four o’clock So after lunch I told the guys I had to head back. They would be gone for the next week doing tours. So with a goodbye he promised me that he would be talking to me via phone instead. When I got back to the house I went in and found Su Ho watching tv and Chin Hae in the kitchen cooking. “Hi!” I said seeing both of them there. They both turned to look at me they mumbled hello’s and went back to what they were doing. “Okay than bye” She said before going up the stairs A week went by fast, it was filled with sightseeing, time spent with Krystal and her sister and I was on speaking terms with the two guys, which I learned that Su Ho was at the house more times than he wasn’t. By the end of my first week I loved it in Seoul, my favorite place so far with the river. When I did get to talk to Himchan I would find myself walking down the path that led to it. On Sunday Kyrstal asked me to do her hair, she wanted a fun new look so after hitting the beauty supply shop for supplies I got to work on her hair. When I was done I was proud of my work and took a quick pic before she could say no. “Why are you wanting to go to a conventional salon when you do this type of style?” Krystal asked as she surveyed her hair. I had colored it, cut it and styled it for her. The length of her hair was still the same, long hair except now it had wispy layers up to the top of the ear that was styled in a fashion that it fanned out like it was naturally wind blown. The base hair color was still brown but there were purple and blue streaks running throughout the layers. There wasn’t so many that it overpowered the brown but enough that it could stand out even if it wasn’t styled to do so. “That is a high compliment. You know I love color!” I told her hiding my grin. I had spent the entire night doing her hair and talking about the day I had getting lost trying to find my way out of Gyeongbok Palace. It was a huge place and so easily able to get lost. “Hey I want to go show off my hair! You want to go out?” Krystal jumped up super excited. “Where would we go?” I questioned. “And I’m not old enough to drink so no bar hopping!” I added. It made her laugh. “No I was thinking walking down Dongdaemun street market, we can shop or just look at things” She said making me laugh. “It’s past midnight” I told her looking at the clock. “But I don’t work tomorrow, we can sleep in” She whined. “Come on please?” “Okay okay. Sure” I said finally agreeing. “Yey” She burst out super excited. “Can I get changed into something more appropriate to go out?” I asked. “Go go. I’m going to find something to wear with my new look” she said urging me to go before she ran off towards her room to find something to wear. “Okay” I nodded going into the direction of my room. I went into my room just as my phone started to ring. “Who could that be?” I questioned as I pulled out my phone to look. I guessed Marly. “Hey what’s up?” I answered in english. “What up?” A male voice answered back making me laugh. “Hi, what are you doing up?” I asked him as I leaned against the desk, my phone against my ear. “Could not sleep” he answered. “Himchan, you need sleep” I told him. “No I don’t” he whined. “Yes, you just got back into Seoul” I said. “But I’m so awake! Talk to me!” he said sounding like a child. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Where are the other’s at?” I asked him. “I do not know.” he said as if it wasn’t a care in the world. “Well go find them. I’m going out” I told him. “Where are you off too?” It sounded like he had moved and his voice was less muffled. “Me and Krystal are going to Dongdaemun street market” I told him. “I want to go” he said after a long pause. “Are you even close to it?” I questioned. “I can be” he said. There was lots of movement and rustling until he started speaking again. “I’ll meet you there in a hour” he said than quickly hung up. “Okay, yes sure come join us” I said to nobody but myself. “Damn, well hopefully Krystal doesn’t mind” I told myself as I started to look through my clothes to change into. I ended up wearing a pair of jean shorts that had lace trim along the edge and paired it with a black sheer to with a white tank top underneath. It was cool enough that it wouldn’t be hot and I could breathe in. I grabbed a lightweight jacket just incase it got cold and than slide on a pair of black lace looking ankle boots. My hair I threw a brush through, the strawberry blonde look was already styled in the diagonal forward so I just added a headband with a bow attached and than headed out of my room. “Hi, just going to get you. Chin Hae and Su Ho are going to come with us” Krystal said bumping into me on the way out of the room. Over the past few days I had gotten to know the two of them, and I could say this about them, they were complete opposites. Su Ho was a jerk, he had a stuck up attitude and treated me like dirt he stepped on. However Chin Hae was a goofball, he liked to tease the girls and acted like a kind older brother who while had fun with you also told you what not to do. “Did you invite them?” I asked wrinkling my nose. “I was talking to Chin Hae since they are up and he said he would go with us. They are bored playing video games and I guess Su Ho wants to go out and go to a club” she explained. “Club? Like for drinking?” I questioned. “That too, but mostly for dancing. He wanted to burn off energy.” Krystal said. “You should see him dance, he is amazing!” she exclaimed. “He has a lot of fans at the club he goes to.” “Oh I just bet he does” I grimaced. Of course that jerk would have fans. “Oh I also have a friend who wants to join. Uhm Himchan said he would meet us there. He was awake and bored so he said he wanted to come” I told her. I hadn’t told Krystal who he was yet, and now that she would be seeing him she would probably figure it when she saw him. “Okay. I’m ready and so are the guys. Are you okay with going to a club instead of walking around?”she asked nervous. It would be the first time I went to a club. At home I had gone to several concerts at bars or dance clubs and street parties but I knew it wasn’t the same. “I guess so. What is the name of the club? I’ll message Himchan to meet us there” I told her. She told me the name and I quickly messaged him where to meet us. “So how do I look?” she asked making me do a double look at her. She had on a short school girl grey skirt and a button down black top that had short sleeves. Her hair fanned out over her shoulders and the make up she did to herself matched the coloring in her hair. She looked good. “Are we going?” Su Ho disrupted us making me scowl as I turned from Krystal. “I’ll drive” Chan Hae said jingling keys in his hand. “You can drive?” I questioned shocked. It was the first time I had seen any of them say they could, let alone even have a car. “My car is around the block” he added. It didn’t take as long as I thought for us to get to the club. Chan Hae parked in a large parking garage and we walked a couple blocks to get to the club. We had to go down stairs and down a long hallway before we entered a large space that was blaring music and filled with people, all squirming around dancing. Su Ho pushed through the crowd making a be-line for the Dj station. “He knows the guy” Chan Hae said close to my ear. “You want to dance?” he asked. I turned to look around and found Krystal was already in the crowd dancing wildly. There was only 2 styles of dance I could do and with this music I wasn’t sure if I could bust either out. I was used to concert music or techno style music. “Come on” he said grabbing ahold of my hand and pulling me into the crowd. He started moving to the music just as it started to change beats. I clapped my hands excitedly at the rythm of the music. I could do it! With a grin I started to pop/lock/drop it like no ones business. Looking at me (Not stick thin here) busting out these moves most people didn’t expect it. In fact people started to move a little further from me. Chan Hae caught on to the dance moves fast and started to match me. It surprised me that he could keep it. Half way through there was a circle around us and it had given me enough room that I could whip out a couple wide berth moves . I was enjoying this! I was laughing and having a good time. All the way up until someone slide into the circle, literally the guy slide on his knees between me and Chan Hae. I had not expected it, but apparently Chan Hae had because once Su Ho was on his feet moving again they became a duo against me. Their dancing was now synchronized with a krumping/ b boying style. It made me want to laugh and break down into a classic dance slide that most american’s would get. Yea, the electric slide. I refrained! Instead I went to krumping and than brought out a few moves from gymnastics and threw that in there. I was all over the place, but in a systematic way. By the end of a good three songs I finally couldn’t hold out any longer and disengaged leaving the two guys to start a face off dance match against each other. I needed water. When I made it to the bar I asked for a glass of water and than leaned against the counter, my weight all against it. There was hands on my shoulders. I freaked, instead of being calm I went into defensive mode, turned and pushed the guy away. By the time I realized who it was he was frowning at me. “I am so sorry” I said moving towards him to get him out of the way of people. “I did not know you danced” he said which made me blush. It wasn’t like it was noticeable what with already being red from the energy spent. “I do!” I said. “I just don’t do it a lot” I added. “Your rhythm was off a couple times but you did well” he said patting my head. “Hey!” I shot out. He laughed as he moved closer to me and out of the way of people passing by us. “I didn't think you would be here so fast” I told him. “It wasn't that far” he said. “Do you want to dance?” I asked pointing towards the throng of people. Himchan looked out into the crowd than slowly nodded. “Sweet” I said before dragging him into the crowd and started to dance to the beat of the music. He stood still for a moment until the beat picked up and than he broke out in dance moves. By the end of the night everyone in the group was exhausted. I was leaning against the wall with Himchan standing over me. Krystal was looking at him trying to place it. Finally she just asked. “Is this that guy you’ve been talking to lately?” she asked. “Uh Oh yea, Krystal this is himchan” I introduced.
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