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DAY 51 - Share any experience where you've being bullied over liking anime.


So, to be honest I've never actually been bullied mostly because I wasn't the only one in my school that liked anime. I had a group of friends who also liked anime. Even outside of school no one really picked on me about it. There was this one time I was in gym class and I told my one friend that I like anime. She responded, "Isn't anime porn?". I'm like really girl, no! Pokémon is anime, that's not porn is it? She said no... EXACTLY! Yes, there are some anime's that fall into the genre of hentai which is basically porn but that's a whole different genre. There are different types of anime genres not just hentai but romance, action, shonen, shoujo, sports, harem, supernatural, music, comedy, slice of life, psychological and horror. I just proved my point, I got defensive over what I love as you can tell. But like I said I've never been bullied over anime, sometimes I get made fun of for liking asian guys but I don't care. Guys will say to me "So, you only like Asian's?" And I clearly say, No, I don't like just Asian's. I like American's too and a lot of ethnicities. Is that wrong? Yeah, so no problem here. Do any of you have some stories to tell, that are better than mine?

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments how YOU were bullied because you liked anime!

tbh I never was really bullied about more like people mistook what anime was like you said they thought it was porn and called me a pervert but shit I didn't care but at home my family say I'm weird because they can't understand why i like it and tbh honest I got like 2-3 friends that like anime like me its pretty sad
haven't been bullied, but my family likes to sometimes make comments
never was bullied about that since my friends were the only ones that knew I love anime, they would only say that they would never watch it, they dont really like anime
I always hid it because I didn't want to be bullied TT.TT Until my last two years in Highschool. I would admit I loved anime if it was ever brought up >^< and hardly got any hate since whoever brought it up also liked anime.
@KiNg4LiFe It's not sad to have only 2-3 friends that like anime, it's better than none.