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DAY 16 - Drama that made you cry?

OK, so listen here. I cry whenever a character cries. Therefore when the female lead or male lead cries, I cry with them. It's like they hand off their pain to me. That being said I cry from almost every drama at least once. Then of course I will cry from the saddest scenes as well.



I don't know which drama made me cry the most. So, I made a list of ten that have made me bawl my eyes out at least once throughout the drama. It's not in a specific order. 1. Pinocchio (Kdrama) - I'm not lying when I say this drama had me bawling my eyes out in the 1st episode and when a drama can do that. It means it's gonna be a good drama and it's my favorite. The backstory is so sad and I feel bad for the whole family. The saddest scene in my opinion from this drama is the brothers reuniting! 2. Fated To Love You (Kdrama) - This is an emotional rollercoaster of a drama as I've said in another card. The saddest scene by far that had me filling cups up with my tears was when Mi Young gets hit by a car and loses her baby. It splits up the couple and breaks my heart to bits. But it had the best ending which fixed it all. 3. Personal Taste (Kdrama) - Although this was actually a pretty funny drama overall, it had it's share of tears as well. The female lead regains her memories from her childhood and realizes it's her fault that her mom died. This scene just was so sad, I felt so bad for her. Her neighbors looked at her strangely when she was young and she now knows why her father dislikes her. 4. Descendants of the Sun (Kdrama) - Every emotional scene with Onew, saddest scene from the drama was when Onew was trying to save a patient and Ma Yeon was like his pulse is getting weaker. He's not going to live and Onew had faith and wanted to save the patient. He was crying over the patients body and that scene got me so bad. 5. Hana Yori Dango (Jdrama) - The end of the first season when Makino is trying to run as fast as she can to stop the plane Domyoji is on before he leaves to study abroad is probably the saddest scene to watch for this couple. They have to be apart from each other for a long time. They hug, kiss while Makino is crying and it's so sweet. 6. Queen In Hyun's Man (Kdrama) - When the female lead is crying in the hospital bed after being in a car accident with her friend, she was reading in the book that says that the male lead died in the other time period. She read about it in the car before the car accident just happened. The friend is asking what's wrong? Are you in pain? But she just cries louder. Turns out he is lying in the hospital bed right across from her. 7. Just You (Tdrama) - The fish scene where Qi Yi buys Liang Liang a new fish that looks identical to the one he accidentally killed. He didn't mean to. When she gets home, she asked where her fish was and he says it's right here. She then goes on about how it's not even the same gender. She later cries about it, saying how she's had that fish since she was younger and you tried to replace it. I felt so bad for her. 8. Dear Sister (Jdrama) - When Hazuki finally finds out that Misaki has an incurable illness. They both cry in each others arms. It broke my heart when Misaki said she want to live and take care of her baby. I was like me too!!! Please live, I was terrified in the last episode when it was finally time for her to have the baby. I was thinking about an anime at the time she was in labor. (CLANNAD) But, I had hope that this drama would give me the happy ending I wanted and it didn't let me down. I had tears when she had the baby and reached out to touch her face. So precious. 9. The Heirs (Kdrama) - This was another drama that made me cry in the 1st episode. I've said before that Shin-hye has made me cry in the 1st episode of 3 dramas so far. Heirs, Pinocchio and Doctor Crush. I cried from Heirs when her sister ran away with the money her mom worked so hard for. Such an ungrateful sister to just take the money and sprint away. Poor Shin-hye sat there crying and so did I! I also cried for a whole episode straight thanks to Min ho in this drama. 10. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Kdrama) - In the last episode the main characters are back in the gym. Miho knows that she will disappear soon, so she covers Dae-woong's face and kisses him before she disappears. She tells him to think of her as a dream when he opens his eyes. She can't stop crying and neither could I. She disappears, he opens his eyes, sees that she is gone, cries and says "A dream? How could you be just a dream?" My heart shattered and I just kept bawling my eyes out with Dae Woong!


There you go, so as you can see I've cried from quite a few dramas and there are many more. Doctor Crush is another one that's really hitting home and making me an emotional wreck but I'm loving it. I like the sad dramas that make me cry but at the same time I'm not mentally prepared for them...

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what drama made YOU cry is!

@VIPforever123 It was so sad, he thought that his brother died but in reality he was right there. It was so emotional for them! 馃槶 @cindystran Yes, he deserved the rookie of the year award for that outstanding performance. I wasn't expecting Onew to have such a deep role until I saw that scene. DOTS made me laugh and cry overall!
DOTS did......and Entertainer made me tear up. I hate seeing my bias cry.
I think I'm going to take the challenge :3
@biancadanica98 I hope he gets cast in another drama soon. he's not bad compared to Minho lol.
@cindystran Yes, he did! Because of that scene, I'm so proud of my SHINee bias! 馃挏
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