tagged once again by the lovely @taetaebaozi!! thanks so much!!!
1) Suga 2) Suga (im very faithful, lol) 3) Seokjin 4) Namjin and Yoonmin are my faves 5) Seokjin. its so smooth and beautiful!! uugh i love his voice~ 6) The entire rap line tbh 7) Jhope. cant wait to see him slay on Hit the Stage!!! 8) Move, Baepsae, Coffee, Rain and Cypher Pt. 2 (theres more, but those are like my top faves) 9) Young Forever, got me right in the feels ;-; 10) We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 is so lit!!! 11) War of Hormone/Danger era has to be my personal fave 12)2015. im not an ARMY (anymore) because of all the crap thats been happening, but i am a big fan of BTS and ill always be proud to show them my support <333
1. Rap Monster 2. Jimin 3. Jimin 4. I don't ship 5. Jungkook 6. Rap Monster 7. Jimin 8. We are Bulletproof 9. We are Bulletproof 10. Danger 11. Danger 12. Last year
1.jungkook 2.Jungkook, Jimin, and Suga 3. Suga and Jimin 4. Vkook and Jikook 5. All of them 6. Suga 7. The dance line 8. Tomorrow 9. Danger 10. Save me 11. I need you 12. Last year