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Kill it girlfriend
I'm sorry Ukwon. I know this was your stage and all, but YooA totally killed it. This performance was so cute though. Out of all the performances so far (for this theme) this one is my favorite. Ukwon slayed this dance and everything, but for me YooA was definitely the highlight of this performance. I think I just have a thing for the Yoo siblings lol (her brother is a choreographer at 1Million dance studios and I'm totally in love with him). Apparently YooA's brother, Junsun, is dancing with the queen (Hyoyeon)! I'm so excited to see their performance next week!!
Also, look at these cuties who came to support their member. Does anyone know where Kyung might've been?
I don't know either of their names, but the guy looks like a taller version of Shinee's Jonghyun and they totally killed this performance.