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@FromBlue2U LMAO I saw the picture when I was looking for nice ab pictures, and when I saw him, I quickly saved it. 馃槀
did you have to include Kim Woo Bin though!? I almost fell over! SERIOUSLY! I saw his face pop up And it felt like a slap, I rocked backwards and everthing! next time, don't just slip him in like that!!! Trigger warnings!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
holy abs of God I feel so blessed looking at this. your an angel for making this card
oops I was stuck on pic 10 of 1st block and forgot to go back. so that list is for #10 of 1st block, then 2nd and 3rd blocks. lol
@sinisterbangel omg this is delightful. whoah they all need to throw all their shirts away. it's summer you don't need them. 馃槏 @MaelstromVIP I can help ya'll with that. 1st pic: Xiao 1st block (in order) ?? Taeyang Xiao Kyungil Jackson Changmin Kim Woo Bin Kim Woo Bin Henry Changmin 2nd block Bang Yongguk Suho Jonghyun No Min Woo Baro Bobby Junhoe No Min Woo I think?? ?? Jhope hope this helps a little ;)
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