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Sorry to all those who were unable to go for whatever reason.. I am not posting this to gloat, boast, or rub it in I just want to share with you all my very first kcon experience.
First off everyone knows how much I adore Jun Sung Ahn * Still Dying about everything* Well This is one of the only videos i was able to get at kcon * My phone is stupid* But This is one of my favorite moments from Kcon he did many other songs as well as Pokemon theme song. He also held a panel I attended as well as signing his shirts for Kore limited so I not only got a signed shirt I also got a hug * Yeah I said a hug* And Yes I died and have not returned yet.
I met some super amazing people while I was there who I have gotten super close to these past few months and was glad to finally meet them. * Some people are missing since I haven't gotten all the pictures yet*
Yes we caught Jun and Danny outside of kclub and not only did we get a picture Danny hugged me * First * ** Instant death** Then we have MR. Mean oh goodness that boy.... He was one of the flower boys and he was the sweetest thing ever..Also We met Jre and Kenny I have a picture with Jre as well but it is super blurry and i look horrible... Then I got to talk to Mike bow for a minute and got a hug as well as him re tweeting and liking my picture on Ig and twitter * DEAD* Then I got close to Astro * Not super close, but semi close*
Also While Jun was on stage he kept looking my way * I was like right up front* ** Jun kept killing me all weekend** He even noticed me during his panel i guess It looked like i had my hand raised for a question the only reason I know he was talking about me he said the girl with the highlights and glasses ** I was the only one with highlights and glasses where he was looking** So Yeah I am not okay...
I hate that it cuts off at the end, but I really adore Jun
Then the actual concert was amazing and also my very first concert ever ask @twistedPuppy We were dying together it was an amazing experience with amazing people that I can't wait to see again and have even more fun with <3
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
@twistedPuppy I still haven't recovered xD I am still dead
I made lot of friends xD you died alot xD
It was so much fun, and I'm so glad I get to finally meet all you lovely, thirsty ladies!
I'm glad you had a great time.
@Junhwanbae92 lol xD me:911 we have and emergency 911:what your emergency? me:my friends was attack by all her bias 911:.... me:this is a serious matter officer they be hip trusting hard.