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ughh school has started once more and I so dislike it
Dee stared at Jisoo in shock, then to Kihyun. She asked him if Jisoo would want this. She knew that it would have been better to stay inside the car instead of coming here, better yet stayed home.
Dee looked over at Jisoo once more. He had gotten taller, His cheekbones were more defined. His eyes looked like ones from a cat. His lips were like a cats, just like her own.
“I thought it would be better for you to see her now Jisoo” Jisoo just glares at him. Dee has never seen her brother like this. She felt like she needed to put matters into her own hands.
“It’s ok Kihyun Oppa. If Jisoo doesn't want to see me then I can always leave. I've always wanted to look around Seoul” Dee said while looking at Jisoo.
“Are you sure? You don't know where to go” Dee gave him a faint smile.
“I've been through it before”
Dee turned on her heel and walked out of the door. She let her mind take over and walked away from the building.
She couldn't stand being under the same roof as him right now. How could he not look at his own sister and not smile? Was she nothing to her brother?
Dee sighed and looked up. Nothing ever goes as planned but she was human so these things happen.
“HEY WAIT UP!” Dee jumped and turned to see who it was.
“I'm sorry about Joshua hyung” Dee looked at the boy. What was his name? Oh yah, it was Dino. Or was it Lee Chan?
“It's ok. He just must be startled that I'm here Lee Chan….?”
“Are you questioning my name?” Dee nodded softly. Dino smiled at her. “I'm Lee Chan but my stage name is Dino. You can call me either or. How old are you?”
Dee looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Hasn't he been taught not to ask a female for their age. Well she is just a teenager but still.
“I'm 18. Turning 19 in July”
Dino looked up at her with a smile. “You are my Noona” He sang as he skipped around her. Dee let out a small smile.
“Ok. Well I need to go. I have to go find my hotel so Jisoo won't flip”
Dino nodded sadly and started to walk away from her. Dee felt horrible that she made the child feel that way. Why does she always let other people’s feelings get ahead of hers?
“YAH LEE CHAN! Hug?” Dino turned around and gave her a hug. Dee felt awkward but she let the hug happen.
She let go of the hug and started to walk away. Dee looked around at her surroundings and saw a cute cafe just around the corner.
Dee walked past the cafe but let her eyes look through the window. She saw cupcakes and cookies in display but let herself walk past. She let her mind wander around for a little until she found a park.
Dee found the closest bench and sat down facing the ground.
Dee let her gaze fall onto her shoes.
She felt tired, worn out, disgusted by the fact her own brother didn’t want her there to meet people he has grown to love. Does he really not want to see her with them?
Dee felt tears falling from her face but did nothing to stop them from falling. She started to feel worthless. No one stayed and when they did they didn’t want to see her, unless it was her aunt.
Dee looked up at the sky and brought a hand to her mouth to muffle her sobs. Couldn’t she be better than what she really was?
Dee looked at the man in front of her and looked at the ground. Why was he here? Out of all places the park?
“Dee? What’s wrong?” He asked as he sat down next to her. Dee looked the opposite direction of him and tried to stop her crying.
“Yah! Tell me what’s wrong” Dee looked over at her brother and stood up. She wanted out of here. Away from him.
Jisoo stood up also and let his gaze soften. Dee started walking to her hotel room with her brother behind. Jisoo let Dee walk ahead and stayed quiet. He knew the reason she was crying but didn’t want to admit it.
It was his fault.
They got to the hotel in less than five minutes of walking. Jisoo let Dee walk to the hotel room. He stepped in front of her when they got to the door.
“Open the door Jisoo, I know you have the other key” Jisoo unlocked the door and let himself in. Dee came in behind him and went straight to the bed and let herself flop onto it.
Dee jumped back from the bed while holding her nose. She kicked the bed and jumped around on one foot.
“STUPID BED! FIRST MY FACE NOW MY FOOT! WHAT NEXT MY ARM???” Dee exclaimed as she walked away from the bed and sat on the couch.
“You know he is doing his job. Sitting there and waiting to be used” Jisoo said. He looked at his sister.
She looked more mature. Her lips curled like a cat, just like his. Her brown hair was just below her shoulder. Her eyes were a lighter brown.
Dee glared at her brother but then let her gaze fall.
“What do you want?” She asked softly
“I want to see my sister”
“You didn’t want to see me earlier Jisoo!” Dee got up and looked at her brother.
“I was at work with the others. They don’t need to know about my sister, they know NOTHING about what happened” Jisoo stated as he looked at the clock. The clock shined a light blue and changed to a shade of green.
“But i’m still here. Is that why you stopped talking to me? Is that why you had our aunt tell me you want me here?” Jisoo sighed and nodded. “So what did I do?” Jisoo looked at her startled by the question.
“Did I do something wrong to where i shouldn’t be in your life?”
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