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Brooklyn-based photographer Harry Griffin titled the above photo Iced Teeth. This kind of rye humor pervades his series Gold Coast, and it betrays an obviously deep respect for his primary subjects, his two grandfathers. What are these photos about? “Gold Coast is an ongoing project that focuses on my two grandfathers in their ‘golden years’ in South Florida. Both of these men have lived extraordinary lives. They are cowboys in a swamp. Bill lived a proto-punk life of Grindhouse filmmaking and distanced himself from Hollywood. Howard grew up on a landlocked houseboat and made his living through bootlegging and sod farming. There is no evidence they live in paradise. Gold Coast is a remixing of their histories and personalities through my own interpretation. The project extends beyond Bill and Howard, looking at the landscape around them and a handful of other characters. South Florida is nicknamed ‘Gold Coast’ for its luxury and glamour, but drive a few miles out of civilization and you’re in oblivion.”