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I'm hyperventilating?!?!
BANGTAN U.S. tour perhaps?! My music taste has been teasing it and they just posted this on Instagram with the caption "meetings"
Oh could it be?! Chicago fans where y'all at??? I have literally not a single soul to go with if they come but UHHH I would be there by myself if I had to. They came a year ago but I wasn't a fan yet imagine my disappointment when I realized how amazing they are after the fact. This is all I need in my life goodnight.
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I wish I was in Chicago I'm in Ohio it sucks so much but hey cool
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Im in Bartow FL fmlllllll 😭😭😭😭😭 and I can't go anywhere by myself BC IM 12 Lansoandisnswhjzbd
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Atlanta's stop was utter chaos and a big mess. I'm hoping they come back but to the Cobb Energy Center. Tickets will be difficult to get though.
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haha they might, but I think they were just posting that they were having a meeting, not like meetings in America.'s just that that's the wall from outside their old building. fans go all the time to vandalize it because we're not allowed inside.
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When you live in Florida 😟😭
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