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How fast time flies! Our prince's My Everything Global Tour 2013 finally came to an end. The concluding concert happened at the night of August 10 at the China International Exhibition Center Station in Beijing. It was the best of the best concerts! The same concert routine went on. He sang his album's songs and he hugged the lucky fangirls picked. Plus, he did once again the Gwiyomi. He was so adorable (as always)! According to some sources, Beijing Minoz even sang a song for oppa. Of course, oppa was so touched hearing everyone sing for him. I congratulate the people behind this global tour--- Starhaus, Innisfree, and many more. You have indeed inspired thousands. To Lee Min Ho, I will forever be your proudest fangirl. While all the other artists do concerts as their debut as singers, here you are, doing a global tour simply because you want to thank everyone for supporting you all throughout your career. I wish you all the best! Saranghamnida! P.S. I like his hairstyle here. He looked cooler. ^^ credits to foto owners