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@miranpark88 here's one for you to look at. This little camera works just like the Lomo LCA, smaller in size and has much better optics. There are still others but I will talk about them in another blog. The Olympus Pen - S is pictured here.
@tapsamai, Don't go hoarding film stocks when you don't have the chance to use them. If you really must keep film stocks, then stock up on some B/W films as they are the first to go out of style but the easiest to develop on your own. Not many photo labs develop b/w film so you should learn to do it yourself. C-61 is still widely available so color negative film is not going to be a problem either. Slide film is more tricky, these are more difficult to shoot. Unfortunately, Kodachrome is no longer made. These film stocks were a gem, I loved shooting it.
@Benard thank you for your answer. I also did think that film would be around, but it would getting really expensive. So I should start to save up the rolls of film now. It could value a fortune years from now :D !!!
@tapsamai film will always be around but it will get more expensive. I don't believe film will die for many reason. One of the main reason is that film is a tangible image and digital isn't. You can hold up a piece of film and therein lies the story. Slide film with an image will be auctioned off one day and be worth a lot of money. Digital images on the other hand, is totally worthless.
@miranpark88, take a look at the camera list I have researched on, You might find something you like and you can ask me about the particular model. I own a few of them, including the XA, RC35 and Pen-F.
I love to use film camera, and would love to switch to use film camera. But i heard a friend of mine said that soon the film camera would be the past thing, since now there is only few company produce 35mm film for camera, and it would not make any profit for them anymore. What do you think about it? Would it become true?
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