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Hi ! I'm not sure if I'm even doing this right but I'm summer. I just made this account a minute ago. Just a poem. ---------------- Her eyes glistened. Her smile shined. Her voice? I would always listen. Every silent second was worth my time. Her skin glowed. Her body was beautiful. But not as beautiful as her soul. My heart's desire for her could not be controlled. Her locs were growing. Like me and her. But growing turned to dying. And are turned to were. Her eyes, They stopped glistening. Her smile was no longer bright. Her voice? It felt like centuries of not hearing. And every thought of her made me cry. Her skin no longer glowed. Her body was not mine to see. My heart - stone cold. I did not understand how a soul could change so fast and willingly. Her. It was always her. At least it was for me. But she had another. And I - I could not compete.
That was awesome! The imagery was amazing!