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Hello all! I'm here with a little game. This is a test to see how well you know K-pop Idols. For this game there will be no options for who this idol is because like I said it's test. You may NOT look up answers for help. You can either make a card for who think they and what group they are in OR you may comment the answers and I will privately message you the answers. You also may NOT give the answers to other people. Some are blurrier than others because they showed the face more. Now I hope you enjoy this game! Best of luck to all of you!
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@KpopLifeu OK thanks. some of them I knew automatically because I have the pictures but others I'm lost on. one my question. if we don't know the person but have an idea on the group can we put that instead?
Here's my guesses: Kai, Sungmin, Leo. Sehun, Lay, Chanyeol, Suho, Baekhyun, Luhan, Jungkook, Mark, Jin, Suga, Minzy, Tao. I think I missed two or three...
@MaelstromVIP yes you can put which group you think they are in
@KpopLifeu OK thank you.
I saw my boo I'm good @KpopLifeu 😉