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I ran into the hospital after parking my bike next to the front door. The moment I found my family in a waiting room. Lance was sitting down, with a black eye and a couple of cuts, as Samantha pace around the chairs. "Is he okay?"
They both looked over at me, as I saw the pain and fear in Lance's eyes. Samantha looked scared and angry at the same time. "He better be for Lance's sake. They had to fucking pick a fight with that asshole."
Lance glared at Samantha as he sighed under his breath. Jay, Chase and Simon join us soon after, as we waited to hear news about Tyson. Two police offers came over to us, with two other men with cuffs on.
I stared at the two in cuffs, whilst gripping the arms of the chair. "Do you wish to press charges too? Cause they want to press charges against him and the other one." I bit my lip to hold back an evil smirk, as I contemplated multiple ways to harm them.
"Of course we want to press charges. They shot my baby brother! He in there fighting for his life cause these asshole had to pull a fucking gun!" Samantha was cry as she spoke and waved her hands at the two in cuffs.
"He the one that threaten us! He threw the first punch!" They were shouting back, as I lower my head, while glaring hard at them. They both shut up, the moment they made eye contact. "Wait.... How is that woman related to all of this?"
One of the cuffed men asked, pointing at me. "She my baby sister." Lance spoke, as I let the smile appear along me lip. They both looked horrify by this information. "WE WANT TO DROP OUR CHARGES!" They both shouted, as the put the cops in front of them.
"Smart move... but we're still pressing charges. So, you best pray he comes through and lives." I licked my lips, after I clapped my hands together. "Miss Ryan, please remember, we do have a file on you... You are now legally registered in our system as a human lethal weapon."
I just lean back in my seat, and held Simon's hand. "My little bad girl." Simon whispered in my ear, and kissed my hand, making me laugh under my breath. "She can't harm us? Good, so we can press charges than." The cop turn to look at the idiot that spoke.
"You know what... Miss Ryan I will over look it, if you just sock him in the jaw." The prisoner looked dumbfounded, as I jump from my seat. "AH!" He scream, the moment I jump from the seats in my way, and punch him with full force, mid-air.
He fell back crying out in pain. "I've been waiting for permission to hurt you. Feel bless you're in the hospital." I shook my hand, to wave off the pain. "Lavi~." I turn to see Jay with his eyebrow raised.
"I held back...if I didn't, he wouldn't be breathing." I smiled warmly, as Samantha hugged me. "Thank you for doing that, I wanted to do that, but I'm took weak."
The doctor came in, as he got everyone's attention. "I am sorry... The bullet was too close to his heart... we weren't able to save him." Samantha collapsed to her knees, as I fell into shock. "H-He's dead?" Lance spoke as the doctor nodded his head.
I felt a heat radiating through my body, as my chest tighten. It was hard to breathe, and even see through the cloud of rage. "Get these two the fuck away from me, or I really will go to jail for killing them both." I was shaking, as my hands turn into balls up fists.
The officer touched my shoulder to get me to look his way. "You have my condolences, but making a threat like that isn't smart. We'll over look it for now though." I growled under my breath, as the tears roll down my face. "GET OUT!"
I yelled in English right in his face. "Unless you can undo what that bastard did, GET OUT!" The officer stumbled back, as the other grabbed me. Simon came over quickly and got the officers and the prisoners away from me.
"If their not charged for murder? I'LL CALL THE EMBASSY! YOU KILLED A FAMOUS FOREIGNER YOU ASS WHIPS!" I was mad, I didn't get the chance to keep my promise to my baby brother Tyson. Simon pulled me into his arms and held me tightly.
"Lavi I am so sorry..." He try to calm me down, before I could truly lose my cool. "Bring on bitch! We'll get out...and get your boyfriend there too!" One of them got cocky, as the officer let him go. "What do you think your doing."
I turn to look at the officer, as he wave the other to take the partner in crime. "You're the one that shot the boy. You're the one that took a life. She took a criminal's life.. As you took an innocent's life." He wave the the nurses, patients, and doctors to leave.
The moment they had clear out, he winked at me. "What are you doing?!" The gun man asked scared as he looked at the officer. "As of right now, you ran and I lost you... Lavi there, found you and restrain you... You try to fight her off, but stupid... forgot she's deadly."
I smirked as I ran out of Simon arm and attacked the gun man. I only stopped when the officer pulled me off. The gun man was out old, and a bloody mess. "This is the most I can do.. I lost my brother to a gun man too. I know how you feel."
He patted my back, as my sister took the officer's place, to take the knocked out prisoner out of the building. I simply closed my eyes, as the rage had finally faded. Now I had to face the fact that my baby brother was gone, and had to tell our parents.
I was now officially the youngest of the family. "KiSeok!~" I cried out Simon's name, as I finally broke down. It was like he knew, because he was by my side even before I even called out to him. "I got you Lavi, always."
My legs gave out as I was in his arms. "And forever." He kissed my head, as he rest his head on mine. His hand rubbing my back, as I whaled into his shoulder. Lance and Samantha in each other's arms cry with me.
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