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Do you notice when I look at you? I see you like to read and eat sour treats Please be still my beating heart, How you look so good in those blue jeans! What to do? What to say? When I see you I feel weak, so afraid that I'll end up a fool Being in love is not an easy way to live For when you smile I feel an electric surge I don't know how I am supposed to move But when I'm not by your side I feel alone I know this cannot remain a fantasy because All I want is the chance to say 'Hi' To talk about whatever comes to mind And wouldn't you know it we'd have a good time What a mess I'm in when I think of you I hear your voice and I jump in glee You come near and my mind runs far All I need is to say, 'You know, I'd like to know you more' And maybe just, maybe My fondest dream will become a reality Please forgive me if I come on too strong But I know the feelings I have are real And if all else fails at least you'll know I cared. So, here I go to do what I can To sit beside and as you smile I fumble my words and Tumble right on my ass You noticed me, even though I was made the fool But you kept your smile and cared for me Now, my one hope is Will you fall for me?