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asdfghjklzxcbjyebs!!!! words cannot describe!!!!
was waiting, loved it, they hit it, I'm Happy
omfg asdfghskslsjhs I am hyperventilating I've been dying waiting for this comeback and ASFSGSJLSPEUEHEB78E9WHDW THEY WERE FLAWLESS and that kiss doe.... Jinhong be gettin it... OoooOOOOoo 😏 The choreo, the song, the video, the hair, the clothing, the acting... everything.... I gotta say ... those are the best dressed robbers in the history of all heists... idk how they robbed the place, shot up some popo, caught a few bullets themselves, and still didn't mess up their hair or clothes. that's the real mystery. I'm a little sad my bebe Daeil wasn't there, and poor Sungoh still is recovering.... but these 2 new members fxxkin killed it. FIRE. and it said to be continued!! omg do we get an uncut video or a 2nd mv??? the suspense is resurrecting me just to let them kill me again. damn this is a long comment... might as well have made a card of my own. πŸ˜…
@Miichi yes please ☺
I'm very impressed. please add me to your tag list ☺
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