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Ahhhh why do stan this dork again? I'm just going to ignore bias wrecking Jaehyun (idk how long THAT will last) and focus on Sehun😆😆
Maybe it's because of the way he dances and just captures my attention all the time. I try looking at other members dancing but it never works, I always end up watching him.
Maybe it's because he's just really cute? Yeah I like it when he's himself and shy, and sassy. With his loud weird funny laugh and the Yehet! Even though he's the "baby" he had his moments where he does not act like it at all and times where it's so obvious it's cute.
I love his rapping and now that there's more of it to listen to I feel like he can be appreciated more. I know he doesn't have much confidence in his singing, whereas it's in his dancing that he's stronger, I think the one line in "Sing For You" was amazing.
Also yes I have to mention his abs, they're great to look at and all and I die Every. Time. But to me he is more than just a pretty face with a nice body. He's someone full of self confidence in himself and his talents, which I want to have in myself as well so I look up to him. We are the same age and he's achieved so much for himself that it pushes me strive for what I want for myself.