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Most of us have different perspective of what makes a good drama. It could be based on the genre, the actor, the script, and the directing. For instance, I've seen dramas that are popular only because the actor is popular. As for me, I consider the script and the directing. Even if you're not the best good actor, if the script and directing is excellent, you'll get a satisfactory production. Example A (Good Script, So-So Actor): I never thought Lee Yeon Hee is a wonderful actress but in Miss Korea she fitted the role very well. Example B (Good Script, Good Actor): In Signal, the script writer and director choose actors with little to no leading role experience to play the leading role. Although, they have experience in film (movie). In this case, the actors and script were both excellent and as a result the drama became left a memorable experience to the audience.
Example C (Bad Script, Good Actor): Kang Sora is consider a seasoned actress. She's popular in the big screen after starring in Korean Movie, Sunny. However, in Dream High 2 her character and plot is weak for a lead actress. If you compare Dream High 2's script to an essay, I would say it lacks a thesis. The real reason why Dream High (Season 1) was enjoyable was because there is a thesis to go along with the plot. All the character and conflict were reasonable.

As for everyone else, what is your criteria of a good drama?

I would like to hear about it. :)
for me good songs (I like music, sometimes I start to watch a drama just because I liked the ost๐Ÿ˜…) and a good plot. Not draggy and funny.
A good plot of course, it keeps me entertained and good acting!
For me, a good plot is a good drama.
@cindystran exactly.
@petname83 Pace is another good one! It's easy for me to loose interest if it gets to draggy.
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