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It was three years to the day, when they'd said that they'd meet. As he sat, the scarf pulled up over his lips and nose, he wondered. Their time apart had been more than either of them had expected, and since coming back to the spotlight, he'd somehow managed to keep things straight in his head. He was quite sure he'd never forget this day. He knew part of himself had been slowly counting down as the months and then years had passed. Instead, however, he sat on a bench in the park where they'd met five years ago, wondering if it was possible that she'd forgotten him, or forgotten their promises to each other. He ignored the minutes ticking by on his watch, holding up the newspaper instead, covering his face more from the people passing by. They were all enjoying their day, why shouldn't he?
As the sun slowly began to set, he stood, carefully folding up the newspaper, turning, and tugged the hat down further over his head. She'd forgotten him, and he wasn't sure what was more disappointing, the fact that she had, or the fact that he'd still sat there for nearly five hours waiting. It had been three years, Why had he expected nothing to have changed?
I don't know what I'm doing with this. I may continue it at some point, I may not. *shrug*
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