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Hey guys! You might have noticed that the Nakama Family Picnic is going on this month! Every day, one member of the community posts a card to start a discussion :)

Need something to talk about?

Check out the cards that went up this week & join in there!

Who would you want to go on a picnic with?

Does liking Loli make you a pedo?

What's your favorite type of anime when your sick or don't feel well, compared to your usual preferences?

Who is your number one anime waifu? Anime husband? Which do you prefer? Discuss!

What starter pokemon is the best and why!

When or what age is it considered too old or weird to get into our watch anime?

Who do you ship: good and evil edition?

There's still a lot of time left in the picnic though, so don't worry if you haven't joined in yet!

Go back to these cards & comment, or visit the collection to see them all! The collection is here!!!

And here's what's upcoming!

See an open date & want to lead a discussion? Comment here or on the introduction card to let me know & I'll add you! August 11: @Boinx August 12: @Mikazuki1 August 13: @SimplyAwkward August 14: @MiyukiKawaii August 15: @Imagide August 16: August 17: August 18: @AdamDean August 19: August 20: August 21: @assasingod August 22: August 23: @Bmondragon93 August 24: @yulissab2015 August 25: August 26: @IsaiahByrdII August 27: @KdCoalson August 28: @SymoneBelcher August 29: @lexysan August 30: @tbanj97 August 31: @Nyan

Let's have fun at this picnic <3

Gonna have mine up shortly :3
sucks huh 馃槞 @hikaymm
@lordeath666jp because we all live in very different places? :P
why not actually meet up in real life?
*i would like
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