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i will try my best oppa i cd do anything 4 u oppa <3 :-* credit 2 actual owners of the pic and facebook heirs
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waahhh...its that true guys...
@rebeccamujan that's what oppa said at Beijing concert Lols
He's a MAN ! Every man want the same !
@mariapaunescu33 haha true but will need 2 understand dat in 2days world when all women are educated it will be almost impossible for him 2 find a women who is as obedient as a "dog" haha think and he will as time goes by ;) as they say time explains everything anyways regardless it doesn't matter I still love my oppa love u oppa :) <3
@saharjalpari9:hahaha...that true...oppa make many girls out there crazy about him....