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It is now Thursday and you know what that means...another chapter! Wooo!
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Chapter 7 - Clover

Hyun-Ae's P.O.V
When I ran out of the house, my tears blurred my vision. I continued to get farther and farther away from the situation, only hoping that running away would help what I was feeling at this moment.
Eventually, losing the ability to walk another step, I fell slowly to the ground, sobbing like a fool.
When I heard footsteps approach me, I wasn't fazed or embarrassed.
"Y/N." The person whispered softly. I glanced up from my knees to see Hakyeon, sitting in front of me. God, he must think I am extremely emotional.
"W-Why me, Hakyeon..." I sniffled. "W-Why can't I just have a normal life? Why..." I continued sobbing and felt horrible that he had to see me like this. All of a sudden, when his arms wrapped around me, it only made it worse. I started to cry even harder as I returned his embrace. I squeezed him hoping that his comfort would make this all go away. The lies. The pain. The truth. Ken. Everything.
When I finally started to calm down, and my vision became more clear, I slowly started to back up, letting him know that it was okay to stop. But when he didn't let go of me, I almost started crying again.
"I-I'm sorry Hakyeon." I mumbled, resting my chin on his shoulder.
"You have nothing to be sorry about. That was a lot that just happened. I don't blame you at all. But I think you were a litttllleee harsh on your mom." He said. I started laughing.
"A little? I practically tore her head off." I responded. His body vibrated as he laughed, comforting me.
"But I have a right to be upset and mad about it though. I mean, I can't believe all of that. Just when I find out that my mom isn't really my mom, I also find out that my real parents are gone and that I don't even remember them. How sick is that." I sighed, trying to reel everything in.
"But at least now you know right?" He asked. He backed up, bringing me in front of him as he held my shoulders. I nodded.
"Yeah. It kind of sucked to find out from a homework assignment but at least I finally can get some closure on some things." I gave a small smile, showing that I was starting to feel better.
"Man, I wonder what happened before I was six? What I was like...what my parents were like...everything." I said, hoping that something would give.
"Well, I am sure you might get there. Now that you know, maybe the memories will start appearing every now and then."
"I hope so. It would be nice to have something of my parents." I said, getting up from the sidewalk, Hakyeon following my movement.
"So should we head back?" He asked.
"Hmm...maybe we can wait for a bit? I am still kind of mad at my m- aunt. Aunt. That is going to be weird to get used to." I laughed. "I am going to apologize though. She was trying to do it to protect me, I know that for sure. But, I just don't think I am ready to see her quite yet." I explained, slightly terrified at the thought of going back.
"Do you just want to walk around for a bit then?" Hakyeon suggested.
"Sure." I agreed. We started walking back the way we came, talking along the way. I laughed occasionally and Hakyeon smiled, probably happy not to see me crying again. When we turned the corner, we came across the park near our houses.
"Oh look-" Hakyeon stopped when I sprinted ahead of him, screaming like a little kid. I went straight for the slide and went up the playground. Going through the tube, I climbed up the steps to the slide and went down, raising my hands up in the air as if on a rollercoaster.
Hakyeon walked over to where I was and laughed at how silly I was being. He watched me go up and down the slide multiple times before I noticed that he was just standing there.
"Ah, come on Hakyeon! Why aren't you going down the slide?" I asked, swinging on the monkey bars.
"Because I am not two." He teased, making me pout.
"So what? Just because we aren't little kids doesn't mean we can't have fun like ones!" I said, running up the playground again. "Come on, you stick in the mud!" I urged him to follow after me and after rolling his eyes he climbed up the steps. After following me through the tunnel, I waited for him on the other side and when he stood up he gave me a look.
"There. I went on the playground. Happy?" He sighed.
"Nope!" I said, pushing him down the slide. He was shocked and when he landed on the sand he looked back at me and pointed.
"I am going to get you!" I stuck my tongue out and laughed as he ran back up the stairs to come after me. As he came closer, I went down the slide running away when he hopped back down and started chasing me around the park. I was screaming and laughing as he ran after me. Luckily, we were the only two in the park or else someone would have probably called the police on us.
After a while, my stamina started to run low and when I started to slow down, he caught up to me and hugged me from behind, not letting me escape. We were both panting and laughing.
"You are way too fast," He said, collapsing on me. I started to fall to the ground as he shifted his weight onto me.
"Y-Yah! You are heavy!" I said. I tried to walk, hoping that he would lift himself off of me but he wouldn't budge and inch.
"Ahh...so tired," He said, his breath hitting the back of my neck. I grunted as I moved slowly, dragging him along with me. I saw a bench ahead of me and I thought that I could make it. I turned and headed that direction. As soon as I was close, I was happy before I tripped and fell flat on my face, Hakyeon's weight on top of me.
I rolled out from under him and hit his back, silently cursing him for doing that. I stretched my back and arms as they were sore from dragging him everywhere.
"Wow are you weak." He laughed.
"Well I am if you are that heavy! What did you eat?" I said, rubbing my neck. He sat up and yawned, his eyes looking glazed.
"Not my fault you made me fat from your food." He smiled at me and I hit him again making him fall backwards, his back on the grass. "Kidding~"
I slowly rolled back onto the grass as well and laid down beside him. I placed my hands on my stomach as we both stared up at the sky.
"This is nice." I said, taking in the atmosphere around us.
"It is. This was a good idea." He agreed, holding out his thumb high enough for me to see, making me laugh.
"Thank you." I whispered out loud, silently hoping he hadn't heard what I said.
"For what?" He questioned, making me nervous.
"For being here for me. For distracting me really. That is all you have seem to be doing this week. I'm surprised you haven't gotten sick of me yet. All I do is cry lately and get into crappy situations." I sighed.
"You know, I've thought about it and I don't care." He stated, turning his head to look at me. "Everyone goes through hard times and has troubles that they have to face. It just seems yours are hitting you left and right, not willing to give you a break. It's not like you are choosing to be continuously knocked down." I turned to look at him, immediately regretting my decision as our noses touched. My eyes widened and I shifted back to look at the sky, my face feeling hotter than before.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him smiling at my reaction and that made my heart beat unusually. Before it could get any worse he shifted back to look up as well.
"Still though," I began. "It means a lot to me. Thank you." I silently confessed.
"Anytime neighbor~" He sang, making me laugh as I unconsciously elbowed his arm.
"Oh look at that cloud!" I shouted suddenly, pointing at the unique cloud in front of us.
"It looks like a-
I froze. W-What was that?
"Oh I see it!" Hakyeon continued. "I hear that when you see one of these-"
"That good luck is coming your way!" The voice echoed in my head.
I sat up immediately, startling Hakyeon. I looked back and forth around the park to see that we were the only ones here.
"Are you okay?" Hakyeon asked, looking a little thrown off by my sudden movement.
"I don't- AH!" I screamed as pain rushed to my head. My hand flew up to the area that has haunted me as it throbbed. What is happening?!
Before I could get my act together or hear what Hakyeon was saying, voices started echoing in my head.
"Ah, you are lying to me!"
"No it's true! Clovers bring you luck!"
Confused, I became even more lost when two little children suddenly appeared in front of me. They couldn't have been any older than 6.
"Hmm...I still don't believe you!" The little girl said.
"Well, just know that something good will happen to you soon!" The little boy egged on. "Your birthday is coming up right?" She nodded her head.
"I will be turning six!" She held out her tiny fingers to reveal the number.
"I am still older than you though! You have to listen to what I say!" The little boy put his hands on his hips, sticking his chest out.
"Come on! You always decided what we get to do!" She whined, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
"Ah come on, Y/N. Don't be mad!" He said, trying to meet her eyes as she kept turning around in circles from him.
Is that little girl...me?
She continued to avoid him until he stopped her.
"How about you get to decide what game we play today?" He suddenly suggested, making her cute little round face brighten.
"Really?! Do you mean it?!" He nodded.
"Remember? I said you always have to listen to what I say! And I say you get to decide!" He smiled, making the girl jump up and down in excitement.
"Hmmm....Let's play...tag! You're it!" She said, hitting his arm and running away before he even realized what was happening.
"Yah! No fair!" He yelled chasing after her. They ran across the playground and grass, laughing and smiling as they played. He got closer and closer to her and just as he was about to tag her she dodged it and laughed, sticking her tongue out.
"I am coming for you Y/N!" He yelled, sounding closer than he was.
"Y/N!" He continued to yell.
"Y/N!" I blinked my eyes and looked around to see that the little kids were gone and that Hakyeon looked panicked.
"Geez, Y/N! You scared me!" He said. I apologized, still in a daze. Was that a memory?
"S-Sorry," I furrowed my eyebrows, still utterly lost at what just happened.
"You completely zoned out. You looked like you were hypnotized or something." He described. "You also wouldn't snap out of it which was really creepy."
"Hakyeon," I said. He turned to look at me. "I think...I just had a memory of when I was little." I glanced over to see that his eyes widened.
"R-Really?" He stuttered. "W-What did you s-see?"
"I saw a...little boy and girl...running around and playing tag. The boy called out Y/N, which makes me think that it was a memory that I lost."
"Did you catch the boy's name?" He questioned.
"N-No...I didn't. I wonder who that was. A friend maybe? They - I mean him and I looked pretty close." I pondered. "He also seemed really familiar..." I sighed. I turned to Hakyeon to see that his face was pale.
"Are you okay, Hakyeon?" I asked, curious as to why he looked sick all of the sudden.
"Y-Yeah. I am just a little spooked is all..." I nodded.
"I am too...I mean, I thought none of them would ever come back but it just...happened all of the sudden." It then hit me.
"Ah! Wait a minute! What if I find the boy that was in my memory?!"
"W-What?" Hakyeon stuttered.
"What if I find my friend from back then? Maybe he can give me some answers or even tell me what my parents were like when we were kids!" I started to get excited at the thought. "But I don't even know where to start..." Hakyeon stayed silent during this time, but I was too distracted to notice how nervous he was. We sat in silence before I stood up.
"Maybe if I look online I could find him or something! It can't be that hard right?" I asked.
"W-Well...I d-"
"That's what I am going to do! Thank you Hakyeon! I have a chance now to remember! Remember some of the things I have forgotten!" I turned and hugged him tightly, not thinking in the moment. He wrapped his arms around me as well as we stood in the park.
"Y-Yeah. N-no problem."

Looks like Y/N is determined to find who it is! But what will happen when she finds out that it has been Hakyeon all this time?

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