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Happy Turn-Up Thursday~

So for today's random card, I thought I would share something a little special for you guys...
As you may already know Talk! Talk! KOREA 2016 is a special event for fans to show their love for everything korean! (The video explains it better than I do, so if you haven't seen the teaser above, watch it!)

So, although submissons are over to enter for the contest...

I actually found out that while I was on vacation in New Mexico two of my friends (the same ones who went to NY with me) did a video and submitted it!
This picture was us at the Gay Pride Parade! :3

And they did amazing!

They were so funny and made an awesome video about how they see Korea in their eyes. *still jealous that I wasn't able to be there*
My favorite part was 'Michyeosseo' LMAO

They also made a blooper video which I have to share because why not?

Them dancing and fighting killed me XD

So give it up to our @Tipmon and @sculptedintoart for entering in the competition!

There are TONS of videos made by others who also submitted for Talk! Talk! KOREA 2016 on YouTube so feel free to check those out as well!

And lastly, as a little surprise...

Tiffany and I are actually working on something that I will announce to you guys soon! It's going to be awesome and we would love it if you guys checked it out as soon as I reveal what it is....so stay tuned! XD
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(Credit to owners of the videos and gifs!)

I didn't pay much attention because Jungkook's English was so cute and Jin smiling and they were so adorable but what were the rules again?
LOL I think it was that it has to be something about Korea. Like how you see it or something...๐Ÿ˜„
@Lexxcisco let hope lol
@twistedPuppy They don't tell you the results until the end of August so you never know Vinny! ๐Ÿ˜„
and I guess I didn't get to win lol
I did that too but it was a picture