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Hello everyone, Chapter 15 is here! I just want to say again, thank you to everyone reading, liking, commenting, following. It's good to know that people are enjoying my story. I'm at over 12k views now which makes me simply ecstatic. I will do my best to not disappoint.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 14
Word Count: 2898
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
The next week was busy for both Rose and BTS. After coming home from the BTS dorm, Nina, who was lounging on the living room couch, had harassed Rose for over an hour about the fact that she had both spent the night at the dorm and then had come home wearing Namjoon’s shirt. Rose had shrugged it off and gone back to working on her book. She spent the weekend working on her writing and then had almost no time for the rest of the week. Two major clients had requested help with a business deal, EXO had requested her help with preparing for an upcoming interview for an American magazine, and various other clients had requested help in general English tutoring.
BTS, on the other hand, had a schedule filled with practices, interviews, variety show appearances, and music show preparations. Yoongi and Hoseok had managed to hide the awkwardness they felt around each other. Only Namjoon was beginning to suspect something. But he didn’t say anything. He decided that unless it became a problem, he’d let them try to sort it out.
Rose met with the boys on the Monday after. Rose, Namjoon, and Yoongi were able to finish working with the songs that had been written so far. Hoseok had avoided being around them except when he felt it was necessary to keep them from thinking something was wrong. Of course, Yoongi already knew the truth. Fortunately, though, the day passed without issues (except for a small argument over who got to sit next to Rose). The next couple of weeks were the same, her tutoring them for a couple hours for a few days, but no issues came up. Rose felt as though she was finally making progress on her feelings for Yoongi—until a memorable Saturday came around.
Rose leaned back in her chair and sighed deeply. Since she hadn’t had much time to work on her writing, she had lost most of the momentum she’d had. It was still early and she was completely frustrated with her progress (or lack thereof). Her phone dinged, indicating a text message, and she happily welcomed the distraction. It was a text from Yoongi, who she had saved as ‘My Friend’. Since the day that he had finally asked for her number, he had texted her just once a day. He always sent her small words of encouragement. Nothing that made her suspect it was anything other than kind words between friends. Rose smiled as she opened the message. She became confused as she read the message.
My Friend: “Are you busy?” {That’s unusual. He’s actually inviting conversation}.
Me: “Not really. Just working on my writing. Getting nowhere, lol. Managed to get some downtime?”
MF: “Yes and no”
M: “?”
MF: “We have a day off, but the youngsters are being so damn loud, it’s driving me crazy. Can’t even sleep :(“
M: “Oh, I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could do. Should I go over there and beat them up?”
MF: “Lol, as tempting as that sounds, I think it might make them louder”
M: “Point taken. But now I have no ideas, lol. Oh, should I take them somewhere?” Yoongi didn’t answer for a few minutes so I thought maybe he had been able to sleep after all.
MF: “Actually... I have an idea. But I’m a little scared to ask”
M: “Don’t be scared. Ask away”
MF: “Is Nina-sshi at home?” {Why is he asking about Nina?}
M: “No, she’s on a trip. Won’t be back until Wednesday I think”
MF: “Ah. Umm... Do you have a spare room? Or even a couch will do”
M: “What? Why?”
MF: “Well, I know you work quietly. And I thought maybe...if I could maybe...crash at your place for today? I swear I’ll be completely quiet. I just wanted to find somewhere to sleep that was quiet, that’s all. If you’re not comfortable with that, I completely understand. Don’t be afraid to say no.” {Oh jeez, what the hell? What am I supposed to say? I thought I’d finally gotten somewhere with my feelings, and here he is making my heart pound just with the thought of being alone with him}.
On the other side of the phone, Yoongi anxiously waited for her reply. It was true that the guys were not allowing him to sleep, but that wasn’t anything new. But last night...Last night he decided something. For the last three weeks, he had been trying to fight his feelings for Rose. He tried to distract himself in between their meetings, but that just made him think about and miss her more. Then when they were together, he obviously couldn’t avoid her. Instead, he tried to stay close to her in order to try and get used to her. But that didn’t work either. So last night he had argued with himself for several hours before he came to a decision.
Yoongi decided wasn’t going to ask Rose out. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable or to try to steal her from Namjoon, but he wasn’t going to just step aside—he couldn’t, he’d tried. So, he was going to let her decide. He wanted to be as close to her as Namjoon was so that they would be on even grounds. If she made a decision after that, then whether he liked it or not, he was going to deal with it.
Yoongi was starting to get anxious about how long Rose was taking to respond. {Maybe I made her uncomfortable. Pushed her too fast. But if I asked her to come here, then the boys would monopolize her; same if I asked if we could go over there. I couldn’t ask her to go somewhere with me because she might think it was a date and refuse. So this is all I could think of. And I really would go over there just to sleep. At least for the first time. After that, maybe I’ll set an alarm and ‘accidently’ end up spending time with her}. He chewed on his bottom lip nervously and debated whether or not he should send a text saying he was just kidding. As he started writing a new text to her to say ‘nevermind’, she responded.
Yoongi had originally saved her number as her name, but then changed it to Lavender. When he had hugged her the first time, he couldn’t figure out what her flowery scent was. But he found out when BTS had gone for a TV appearance. When he sat down in the waiting room, he ended up sitting right next to a lavender plant. For a second, his heart started racing and he looked around thinking that maybe she was there for some reason. That’s when he saw the plant and figured it out. Rose smelled like lavender and something else sweet. It wasn’t pungent the way lavender usually is, but light, almost like she had brushed against the plant. And she wore something sweet, that almost smelled like cotton candy, that made the lavender smell even better. It made his head spin and his heart pound.
Lavender: “Umm... sure, I guess. We have a guest room. It has junk in it, but I can clean it up and change the sheets. You’re probably still in bed, so take your time. But...what are you going to tell the other guys? I’m guessing they’ll ask where you’re going and if you tell them, I don’t know what they’ll say”
Me: “Don’t worry. I’ve got it covered. I’ll message you when I’m on the way. I’ll leave in maybe half an hour ok?”
L: “Yeah, that’s ok.”
Yoongi started rehearsing the lie he had prepared. He sighed as he got out of bed. Time to get ready, physically and mentally.
Half hour later
Rose POV
My phone pinged as I received a text from Yoongi telling me he was on his way. I knew it’d only take about 20 minutes for him to get there, so I started panicking. {He’s going to be here. Sleeping. In the same house I’m in. WITH NO ONE ELSE HERE!!! At least at the dorm I’d had the other guys... Why am I freaking out though? I’ve been trying for the past few weeks to get past my feelings for him. I even thought it was starting to work. Whenever I went over to work with them, I didn’t get crazy nervous around him anymore. It was just a warm, fuzzy feeling. That’s an improvement, right? I asked Nina about it and she had just laughed, “Yes, girl. That’s an improvement...of sorts.” What did that even mean?! And then here I am freaking out again!}
I pulled at my hair. {Breathe in, breathe out. It’s not like it’s a big deal, right? Sure, he’s a guy, and sure I like him, but he doesn’t like me. So nothing will happened}. I suddenly remembered something Nina had told me a long time ago: “Guys don’t need to like a girl in order for them to use her. Some guys can really mess with your head, your heart, just for their own fun.” The look on her face when she had said that... I knew she had been hurt, pretty badly, a couple of times. That’s probably part of the reason she was the way she was right now. {But Yoongi’s not like that. He’s sweet, even if he’s sometimes cold. He wouldn’t mess with any girl like that. But even if he wanted to, he has thousands of girls that would throw themselves at him. Girls who are pretty, full-chested, younger, and wouldn’t even make him work for it. Girls who aren’t me}. I shook my head. {But he’s not like that anyway...}
I was lost in my thoughts until I heard the doorbell ring. I shot out of my chair and had to slow myself so I wouldn’t sprint down the stairs. “Coming!” I shouted. I got to the door and shook my body one more time to loosen up. “Fighting!” I whispered to myself. I opened the door and there was Yoongi looking nowhere near as nervous as I felt. He was dressed in comfortable, everyday clothes, with a black mask pulled down and sunglasses of course, and had a small bag on one shoulder. My heart skipped a beat when he gave me his perfect smile. {Great, now I have that warm feeling AND the butterflies are back}. I pulled the door open and let him in. For a second, he moved like he was going to hug me, but he just stepped past instead. He changed into the slippers and faced me.
“Thanks for letting my crash for a bit. I was working late last night again and then they decided to have a Mario Cart battle in the living room.”
I laughed. “I feel your pain.” We walked into the living room. “Nina likes to watch movies and randomly turn the surround sound on. Usually, I’m still up. But every once in a while...” We both laughed. For some reason, the nervousness was going away. {Am I actually starting to feel comfortable around him? Are my crazy feelings finally settling?}
“I think we’re too similar in the best and worst way.” I gave him a confused look. “I just mean, we both work like crazy. And working is good, but we both do it too much. So we have the best work ethic, but at the same time, we both overdo it.”
“Ahhhh.” I nodded my head in agreement.
“Plus—“ he smiled, “for both of us, our friends are too scared to wake us up.” We both started laughing.
“True, true. Oh—you’re probably tired. I won’t keep you talking. Let me show you the room.” I thought he looked disappointed for a second, but I figured that he must just be tired.
“Good point. I almost forgot why I was here.” My heart felt a little warmer with that. I walked in front as we went towards the room. It was the one at the very end, right across from my own barely used room. I opened the door and let him walk in.
“These are clean sheets, the windows have blackout blinds, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about the sun, and I just put that glass of water there. Did you need anything else?” I leaned into the room to make sure I had cleared everything out. He turned to answer me and our lips almost touched. I froze, my mind went completely blank. For some reason, he didn’t move either and we ended up staring at each other. Well, I couldn’t help but stare at his lips that were almost touching mine, so I’m not sure where he was looking.
When my soul finally went back into my body I took a step back, absolutely flustered. He looked the same. “I’m s-sorry. So sorry. I-I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t realize you were right there,” he sputtered.
“N-no. That was my fault, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you would turn around, I was just checking that everything was set up. I really didn’t—I’m sorry.”
Yoongi recovered quickly and laughed. “It was an accident, and we’re both sorry. Plus, nothing happened, so let’s just leave it at that, ok?” He held out his hand. “Still friends, right?”
I laughed and shook it. “Of course, friends.” I let go of his hand and said, “Now that we’ve both had our embarrassing moment for the day, maybe I should let you get some rest. Sound good?”
“Sounds great.” He walked to the bed, flopped down on it, and rolled back and forth a few times. “Mmmmm...comfy...” {It should be illegal to be that cute}.
“Okay, dork. Stop playing and sleep,” I giggled. {Did I seriously just giggle?!} He sat up on his elbows and gave me the silliest smile I’d ever seen him make. “Are you sure you’re Yoongi?”
“Huh?” He gave me a perplexed look.
“You’re not acting like the Yoongi I’ve seen. If anything, you’re acting a bit like Taehyung.” He pouted which made me laugh again. “This is just too much.”
“Well, I may not be like this very often, but even I can have a silly side, believe it or not. There’s a lot you still have to learn about me. I guess I’ll just have to show you.” I know he didn’t mean that in the way I wanted to take it, but it gave me butterflies just the same.
“Perhaps another day,” I covered for myself. “For now, get your ass to sleep.”
Yoongi’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “Yes, ma’am,” he said playfully as he crawled to the top of the bed.
“If you need anything, I’ll be in my study, across the hallway, down one door.”
“I know.” {How does he know which room? He’s only been here once—Nina. She must’ve brought them to my room that first time. I’ll kill her later}.
“Okay, now sleep.” I closed the door gently behind me. I went back to my office and sat on the couch, legs splayed out in front of me. I brought my hand to my lips. {Our lips had been close enough that they almost touched. I could actually feel his breath on my lips}. I tried to stop thinking about it, but all I could think of was how his lips would’ve felt if they had actually touched. {His breath was minty, would his lips taste minty...} “Augh!” I pulled at my hair. {I’m never gonna get over him at this rate}. I put a hand on my heart. It was still fast. Not racing like earlier, but it still hadn’t calmed down. {I’m not gonna be able to get any work done}.
Yoongi POV
I laid on the sheets, not bothering to get under them. I was too hot to have covers on top of me. I put a hand to my lips. {We almost kissed}. I put my other hand on my chest. My pulse was still crazy fast. When we almost kissed, I hadn’t been able to pull my eyes away from her lips. They looked perfectly kissable. I had just wanted to lean forward and let them touch, to give in. But I somehow managed to resist the urge. We were on friendly terms and I didn’t want to ruin it already. I could still smell her lavender-tinged scent...
I was torn between letting myself sleep and wanting to stay up. On one hand, I was tired; even with all the excitement, I knew sleep was calling me. On the other hand, I was a little worried about what I might dream about. I don’t think I could live with the embarrassment of having an inappropriate dream about Rose in her own house. And even more than that, heaven forbid she come to wake me up and find me in an awkward sleep state. I’d been having dreams about her. Sometimes they were innocent, like going on a date somewhere or cuddling together to watch a movie; other times...they were not so innocent. So far, I’d never had a...physical reaction to my dreams, but I was worried that it could happen at any time.
Eventually, though, my need for sleep overruled my fears and I slowly sank into unconsciousness.
And there's the chapter. I like proactive Yoongi. And silly Yoongi. All of BTS is so adorable when they're being silly. Also, so glad I'm not a guy. I think I'd die if I had to deal with awkward dreams like that, lol. And yay for almost kisses. Those're the most adorkable kind.
Anyhow, thank you for reading my story. I hope you find it enjoyable. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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